Sorting out 2 birds…

Am very disappointed that the Government decided to go against helping the poorer children by extending free school meals during the pandemic.

I can understand the Government not wanting to just hand our money over, but there needs to be something done as the people are outraged, and that cannot be good for a Government in power as memories are long….

I actually thought of a good solution.

Those firms who are kindly making the meals free cannot do so for an indefinite period, so why hasn’t a Cabinet Minister gotten in touch with each areas Chamber of Commerce and ask those firms directly to help with finance available.

The Government could then pay those companies to feed the poorest, and keep some people in the hospitality industry in jobs. It’s got to be a win win….and that has to be a good thing.

Why hasn’t the local Councils done this if the Government won’t….

Now is not the time for political point scoring……get your heads together and put the people first.

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