When councils are not honest with rate payers….

Having decided to run for council I was sent some messages seeming to gloat that the Warrington South MP had voted against giving extra help to those who are classed as “poor”.

I myself think that if you cannot afford so many children generally that it is irresponsible to carry on knowing the state will do it. I stopped at 3 as both Mr Points of Sue and I decided that we just could not afford anymore, and as he was working we did not qualify for anything…..so it made good fiscal sense to stop….

However, this pandemic could not have been envisaged and it is just plain wrong that extra help has not been given, especially as so many multi millionaires can access the furlough scheme despite having money in the bank…..The whole thing has been dealt with badly,…. however….

The Labour Led Council and one of the councillors had too of course put up a meme on his Facebook page stating that Andy Carter MP had voted against the help, but what he is not telling people is that this council has been given extra help by the Government for just these scenarios, and that they are discussing putting us into Tier 3 and this will release millions…..

Will they use some of that to spend on the poorest?? Will they stop investing our rate money in areas such as Gloucester, London, Manchester and Liverpool and leaving us with a debt nearer £2 billion??? Whilst not forgetting their expenses of some £14,500 every week 52 weeks a year.

They will take the money and continue to spout that the Government is not helping the poorest when in effect they are, and the Government needs to put a stipulation on it that it needs to go to the poorest, and that this is not for the council to spend endlessly…..

I am not happy at the way the MP has voted but I am also not happy that this gives the Labour Led Council an excuse to pass the buck when in reality it stops with them….

They chose not to give money to the poorest in our area and instead chose to invest it in the most hair brain schemes that has resulted in a Directorship for one of our councillors, and this is not right and they need to stop using people’s misery for political gain.

Give the money to the people who need it the most and stop gloating.

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