Shame on the BBC!!

Seems the BBC have now added bully boy tactics to their hatred of everything that is British…

They are now sending out letters threatening pensioners with fines of £1000 for failing to pay their TV licence. Shame on them.

The letter, emblazoned with red capital letters, reads: 'Our records show your property has no TV licence. I visited today, to find out why', before warning viewers of a £1,000 fine
The bully boy tactics of the BBC

They should never have been allowed by the Government to do this as pensioners have paid this their whole lives and are we really saying that for some who only have the TV as their companion and interest, that they have to pay it or pay an amount that is outrageously high, and if not that then the threat of going to jail as that comes next.

How we treat our elders is an example of who we are, and the BBC is a pitiful shadow of its former glory. They pay over priced, over hyped people who really are unfunny, un-interesting and not worth half of what they get paid. The newsreaders are not impartial and nearly everything they set their minds too is leftist claptrap and the pensioners are forced to pay for this.

The BBC is past its sell by date and it should be made to fund itself now as they have broken faith with the British public. At one time the BBC were a first class service but they have slipped into the gutter where it still is and the pensioners should be offered this service free because it is a crying shame they are made to pay for such low quality, low grade programmes.

Maybe if they got rid of the likes of Lineker and the “WOKE” newsreaders they might actually be worth watching, but they won’t and to have to pay for this rubbish is a crime in itself.

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