McCluskey or Mandelson equally obnoxious

I was not surprised to read of Len McCluskey tweeting anti-semetism towards Lord Mandelson…especially telling him to go count his gold but I am not sure of the furore surrounding it. Is it really what we could class as the usual rabid anti-semetism?

Lets face, Lord Mandelson is not a virtuous character is he……

This is the man who had to leave the Labour Government because of his “ahem” dealings with rich people and wherever money is to be had in the company of oligarchs and despots….there you will find Lord Mandelson, so a man of virtue he is not. This is the man who would have thrown out the democratic vote just to ensure he continued getting his money from the EU.

Lord Mandelson was a close associate of Tony Blair during his time as prime minister and MP for Hartlepool before being made a peer
Lord Mandelson was a close associate of Tony Blair during his time as prime minister and MP for Hartlepool before being made a peer

I am not sure it is as anti-semetic as it is made out to be. Don’t get me wrong the Dinosaur that is McCluskey is one of those champagne socialists who really have just stolen a living in effect….how nice to live of the hard earned monies of the people who have to pay their subs for his lovely upper class lunches with an old flame in the sort of restaurants and dining houses you or I could not afford, but I myself have commented about Tony Blair hiding in his counting house and counting his blood money….are we really going to say that this is anti-semetic? As that will imply you can only say it to some and not others…….

I am married to a Jewish man and asked him his advice first before I wrote this and he finds them both odious and has no comment on either of them as they are not a shining example of how to behave in a public life, but what surprised me is that being a friend of Comrade Corbyn he didn’t say something so him….and made it a really nasty comment.

I think this is being made out to be more than it is and neither of these two men are the sort of people you would want round for a dinner party.

He later backed down on social media, tweeting: 'Before this gets out of hand, let me say language is important and I apologise to Peter Mandelson and anyone else if mine has caused hurt'

Lets just agree to disagree that we have one odious man speaking and tweeting about another odious man and move on quickly before Sir Keir sitting on the fence Starmer decides he has to put his dulcet tones into the conversation., as dear god nobody wants that……..

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