Manchester is locked-down.

Well there it is…..Manchester is in lock down.

That means no one in and no one out……

I think the only thing that the Prime Minister can do is what Ireland has done and lock us all down to put a break on this virus and to give the NHS a chance, as the ICUs in Manchester are already at breaking point….and we must give those heroic workers in the NHS as much help as possible.

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Daily Express

The region’s mayor Andy Burnham held last-ditch talks with the Prime Minister earlier this afternoon aimed at securing additional financial support for his consent on new restrictions. Mr Burnham said £65 million was the minimum sum needed to prevent a “winter of real hardship” under Tier 3 restrictions following the breakdown of talks with the Government. The Prime Minister said Greater Manchester would receive £22 million in funding as part of a “comprehensive package of support”.

Pubs and bars will be closed, unless they are serving substantial meals, for a 28-day period, along with betting shops, casinos, bingo halls, adult gaming centres and soft play areas.

The Prime Minister has not ruled out further lockdowns and so it is we wait with baited breath to see who the next lot are, but you cannot just shut down areas as people will not stay put.

Out for a walk there was a chap from Liverpool in the country park where I live….the areas were shut down there so he decided to come to us….and this is how we are not going to fight the virus….we must shut it all down but then I am not the Government, and Boris and the Cabinet must do what they think best….but somehow the dragging of their feet is not going to be good….for some people.

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