Are Flu Jabs being restricted?

Went along to my local pharmacy today to book my flu jab. The first question I was asked was my age and when I said 54 I was told that they do not have the flu jab available for my age. It seems that the Government has decided to restrict the jab for those between 50 and 65.

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I was gobsmacked and quite upset as I explained that my husband has a lung disease IPF and that he cannot get a jab either. He had one booked at the Doctor as I found a slot for him and then they rang him and cancelled it. He has about 48% use of his two lungs combined and nope….there is nothing they can do.

I am not angry at the pharmacy and I have used them for years but to actually not have anything available for a large swathe of the population is disgusting. It is even more disgusting that my husband cannot get a jab despite coming under the regulations of those who need extra care, and who should the Government decide will be locked down due to his health, yet he is not considered for a flu jab.

The only thing that the pharmacist could offer is to advise me to ring round other areas and despite doing that…I have been unable to find a jab. Even if it was only for my husband I would have done that as it is now a terrifying prospect of him catching the flu and becoming very very ill with it as we both know it will attack what is left of his lungs.

I am wondering if the decision to not give the jab to a certain age group has been taken based on that it is more than likely people in this group will be retiring and accessing their monies early, and to put a stop to this. I know some might think I am a conspiracy theorist but how else are we supposed to accept the fact that they have just decided to cut out that age group.

The cost has also gone up if you can get the jab as it is now £30 instead of the £10 last year, and if you are of my age group it might as well be a million pounds as you are not getting it.

What on earth is happening to our the availability? The pharmacist states that it is because they have run out…REALLY!!!!. I highly doubt it as they are only giving people the flu jab if you have booked it, so they obviously know how many are expecting it. I am more disgusted at the Doctors for cancelling my husband and they rang him and told him that they had and the lack of care was mind blowingly awful.

They argue that is for those over 65 only, but some of those who are over 65 are in a better state than my husband. I am not demanding he is given priority but it needs to be based on his needs, and if a man is vulnerable to catching a disease that attacks the lungs, and whose lungs are shot at…then surely he is at the top of the list in the area.

I guess a certain age group is now being left to run the gauntlet against both the Flu and Covid 19 and I can make one promise that if my husband ends up with either of these and doesn’t make it….then the Government are going to have a huge problem on their hands….ME.

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I am not arguing that they are restricting me and I will no doubt spend the majority of winter shut in now, but surely those who have health problems should be at the top of the list just based on a humanity issue. and the fact that this could kill them.

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I am very disappointed and will spend my day tomorrow ringing round to see if I can get him a jab if only that is going, or if I am lucky then both of us but it is priority for him.

It is now a frightening time and I don’t want to think about the consequences because someone decided to save money! It is almost playing god and that is wrong on every level.

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