Will it be no deal Brexit?

I hope so as it seems that France will not budge and are still demanding access to the fishing waters in the same capacity they had when our rights were signed away….

Which bit of NON do they not understand?

Boris Johnson today told his Cabinet that he has 'no fear' of a No Deal Brexit ahead of a crunch EU summit this week
The PM

The EU have to realise that we are a sovereign nation and we will not give into any of their demands. Boris Johnson will not give in as he is already having difficulty with this pandemic and he has to deliver a Brexit that is either us walking away, or we have a deal that is based on what we want.

The fact that Macron is not prepared to shift from his ridiculous stance as surely he knows that we will not give into his demand, and since when has the President of France had a voice that was different from the other 26?

There is no unity in the EU and there are too many people wanting different things and I bet Germany is the first one who wants to sign us up with a contract from them. After all there is no brotherhood or sisterhood when it comes to signing contracts.

Boris needs to walk away. He needs to show the EU that we cannot be bossed around and unless they are prepared to treat us with the respect they are supposed too….then bye EU and we will keep our £39 billion.

Quite frankly I am surprised that Boris has not walked away before now as I would have gotten so fed up of all there bitching and moaning. The EU has not behaved in the manner that their own rules set that they are to treat those leaving with respect, and by god they haven’t done that.

It is time to let the EU go and not look back. I for one am fed up and sick to the back teeth of listening to their neve ending whinging. We are free and we will prosper and thrive and we can stand back and watch the EU tear itself apart with that slight smile of told you so………….

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