HS2 is a waste of money….stop it now….

HS2 is going to cost another £800 million on top of the increased £20 billion. It is now going to cost £43 billion for Part 1 and all I can say is what a waste of time, money and the destruction of some of our beautiful countryside.

The HS2 route would initially link London and Birmingham with the second phase of the project then heading north to Manchester and Leeds

It seems that it will cost the average time of 60 minutes off a train journey from Manchester to London. My god is someone that desperate for time? If so … get an earlier train.

I do not see the point of this new line especially when the train lines needs updating for the ones that are already down. This is going to benefit London only and it is getting beyond a joke now.

HS2 (High Speed 2) is a plan to construct a a new high-speed rail linking London, West Midlands, Leeds and Manchester. The line is to be built in a ‘Y’ configuration.  London will be on the bottom of the ‘Y’, Birmingham at the centre, Leeds at the top right and Manchester at the top left. 

Work on Phase One began in 2017 and the government plans envisage the line being operational by 2026.  The HS2 project is being developed by High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd. 

The project ‘s costs have risen sharply from an initial £32.7billion in 2010 to a projected cost of £56billion last year. A review recently estimated that the cost could hit £106billion, with some extreme projections suggesting it could hit £150billion.  However, the government’s forecast is between £72billion and £98billion.

I am sorry I do not believe the Government costs at all. They are hiding the true costs and now we have the pandemic costs, this vanity project needs to be stopped as it is not fair on the taxpayers.

I know the train time of the journey could decrease but we are still dealing with clapped out equipment at the other end….

HS2 would allow trains to travel at speeds of up to 250mph. That would mean much faster journeys between key UK cities. The graphic shows times for HS2 passengers (in red) verses the current times (in blue)

This need to be put on the back burner till we have gotten over the cost of Covid 19 as this country cannot afford this banana skin on tracks and then put the money into the NHS and schooling.

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