Sir Keir Starmer offers a whole lot of nothing….

General Bluff has raised his head and decided to accuse Whitehall of arrogance over the handling of the pandemic.

Sir Keir was demanding to know the plan…well he will find out when everybody else does as he is not important, and states that people are worried about Christmas. Well I don’t know anybody who is as I plan to have the day as I do every other one. I don’t think the police will be lining up to arrest everybody for watching loved ones opening their presents…do you?

Sir Keir looking pensive at a housing development in Southampton during a visit yesterday

Out and about in Southampton with his hard hat on to make sure that none of his gaffes come back and hit him in the head, he did the usual words of the Government has lost touch, they need to fix the problem and that it is not good enough what is happening and then………………..


According to the media yet again there is fury from Northerners at being locked down in the 3rd tier…well I am a Northerner and everyone I know is and we are just grateful to be here. I love the way the media exaggerate everything and whist it is an annoyance it is not the feeling we are being dictated too.

There will be a vote next week on whether to bring in further restrictions and it is almost like the hokey kokey dance with Starmer…is his right leg in, is his right leg out as he decides to back the Government one day, and then depending on the wind of social media he doesn’t back them. Grief the man says the Government has not a grip of the virus…..he doesn’t have a grip on what way he is going to vote, or even what day it is sometimes..

Again, he criticises and offers nothing in the way of help. It is too easy to criticise the Government handling and he is the Leader of the Opposition, and it is a bit rich for him to blame the Government and then just walk away without the slightest hint of even a sensible approach.

Mind you, this is the man who cannot even control his rebels and he knows he cannot sack them. He is caught in a constant pose of dithering, back tracking and then dithering again.

First of all he backed the 10pm curfew and then doesn’t. Did someone show him the ratings on Twitter by any chance?

Leader of the opposition Sir Keir Starmer has persistently asked the PM to fix track and trace
Starmer has consistently asked the Government to fix the Trace and Track…

Now I understand asking the Government to fix it but those people who often criticise a way of doing things….normally offer a solution and….waiting…..waiting….still waiting…….. and nothing…….

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accused Labour of u-turns on support of his plans

The Prime Minister has accused Keir Starmer of constant U turns and he is not wrong. I have never seen anyone turn around so much. Grief the amount of turning he is doing must be making himself giddy or feel sick.

The Government just needs to tell General Bluff to sit down and if he has nothing new to offer then be quiet. Now is not the time to grandstand as it would seem that Starmer’s only concern is how he looks on media….but ask yourself what has he really offered in the way of advice as a good Leader of the Opposition would in a time of crisis.

This political grandstanding, u-turning and bluff, piffle and BS really makes him even more unelectable than he already is.

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