Labour are imploding….hurray!

Well it didn’t take long did it? Labour are imploding and Labour activists want Sir Keir Sitting on the Fence Starmer to resign.


Activists are furious that he has chosen yet to abstain in another commons vote, and doing that means he might as well not be there….him and his party, In response to Sir Keir’s decision angry left-wing activists, many self-identifying as Labour members, got ‘#Resign Starmer’ trending on Twitter.

One activist from Cornwall, with nearly 24,000 followers, tweeted: “No more excuses.

“No more government support. No more quisling abstentions. I’ve no patience left.

“We need an opposition leader & it’s clear as day Starmer will never fit that bill. He has to go.”

Another activist added: “I say #ResignStarmer.

Do not think for one minute that I have suddenly gone over to Labour as trust me that will never happen, but I can understand the anger that Starmer is achieving nothing at all….except his constant whinging.

Jeremy Corbyn has in effect declared war on the Starmer Leadership and lets face it as much as I dislike Corbyn and everything about him, he was stitched up like a kipper by Starmer. It was Starmer’s idea and his insistence on the 2nd referendum that resulted in the red wall falling down, and he knew that the only way he could dislodge Corbyn was for this to happen. I would not be surprised if this was his idea all along and then he would come along and act as the saviour and that it was he, Starmer who had picked up the Labour mantle out of the gutter. Seems Corbyn did not realise that there was a bigger snake in the nest.


I must admit to trying to figure out why Labour are so up in arms over the MI5 bill. You have to give a certain amount of leeway for the good guys to find out what is happening in the name of security, and by whatever means they aim to keep this country safe. After all, was it not a Labour PM who gave the IRA terrorists a leeway and get out of jail card which they shake at every opportunity. I find this repulsive but it did not matter to Corbyn or Starmer that the actual bad guys, you know those who blow up innocent people were given the same consideration and no-one has come out against it.

I mean it was underhanded and typical Labour style to do it so secretly and without the arrest of an IRA scumbag then we would never have known, and that is no way for the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary or the Northern Ireland Secretary to behave. It was sneaky and it was repulsive and for me the fact that Boris has put the bill before Parliament shows that he respects the law and Parliament a whole lot more than Labour do, as how can it be a terrible choice to have the good guy who is a SPY by the way using whatever means available, and yet critical when the bad guy who really should be locked in a cell and the key thrown away is given a blank cheque effectively by the government.

True to form Corbyn gets the wrong end of the stick and he tweeted yesterday evening: “I have grave concerns regarding the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill. “It could enable unnecessary and unlawful interference with the legitimate activities of trade unions, environmentalists, anti-racists & other campaigners, and Diane Abbott who just follows her old lover with the same useless comments. She said after the vote: “Pleased to have voted against the government’s #spycops bill. Abstention would have been wrong. “Labour Party has to stick to its values. Can’t be neutral on undercover policing abuses.”

We expect it off them and now it seems that the UNITE union has informed Starmer that they are so close to withholding their support and finances to the Labour party. Anyone get the feeling that the Socialist Labour part are going to break away? I would put the number ready to walk at about 40, and that will put Labour on 163 and no way back. They will struggle with finances and the only way they can find a way forward is to get rid of Starmer. Oh what a wicked web he has weaved.

Starmer must of thought he could just walk into the post with the hallelujah chorus ringing in his ears as he had finally achieved what he wanted, the Dear Leader’s post, and the coup-de-grace was the sacking of the Corbyn in a skirt Rebecca Long Bailey. With that done he decided the best way forward was to start cosying up to the media, the people, the unions and the breaks have been slammed on so hard the air bags did not have the chance to activate.

The people do not trust him and don’t forget he only had a 12% satisfaction rating when running the CPS and that is the lowest it has ever been, and now the unions are wanting out and when Corbyn and the others leave, and he will leave as Starmer has humiliated him then so will the unions.

Starmer thought the throne was his and now he will see it sink without a trace because his backstabbing will come to the forefront and it will cost him, and for a Conservative that’s wonderful…keep going Jeremy as this time I am on your side and walk with the MPs and the unions. Happy days.

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