Creepy Joe does it again…

Another day and another comment by creepy Joe Biden on his presidential campaign trail.

Joe Biden watches a traditional Haitian dance at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex in Miami on Florida, where he raised eyebrows with a remark to young dancers
Joe Biden watches a traditional Haitian dance at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex in Miami on Florida, where he raised eyebrows with a remark to young dancers 

On a visit to the Miami Little Haiti Cultural Centre he commented to a group of young girls in Haitian costume who were dancing for him that they are ‘beautiful young ladies’ and he wanted to ‘see them dancing when they’re four years older too’. ….urgh!!!! creepy, just creepy.

One viewer said of the video that ‘Biden is so creepy he makes my skin crawl’, while another said the former vice president was a ‘walking accident waiting to happen’. 

Former NFL player Herschel Walker, a Trump supporter, said that ‘telling young African-American girls “I want to see you dancing when you’re four years older” is not only creepy but racist’. 

I do not care who you are but this man should not be let around any young girls, have you seen the way he sniffs young girls when he is always around them? It is wrong and how can a parent just stand there and watch it??

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See the source image
See the source image

Regardless of the fact that this isn’t just an allegation it seems like Joe Biden is receiving very ‘fair’ and favourable ‘consequences’. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Leftists have come to the defence of Joe Biden and refuse to condemn his actions. How incredibly convenient that sexual harassment and abuse by Joe Biden’s creepy nature is simply dismissed by reason of “He’s affectionate” as said by Pelosi when asked to comment on Biden’s actions. If anyone remembers Brett Kavanaugh, he was eaten alive by the Main stream media and “I believe her” people without evidence and fuelled on nothing but allegations; where are all those people now? Instead of condemning his actions, Democrats still want him to run for 2020 and they’re letting him off the hook extremely easy. As Nancy Pelosi said, maybe the women coming forward should just become members of the “Straight Arm Club” apparently this is her solution as she joked and made light of the situation, down playing it completely.

Is he really the choice that America want? I cannot believe that they are in uproar over Donald Trump because he speaks his mind, but openly sniffing young girls hair, you know children is perfectly ok with them as it will get bad man orange out of the white house. I mean the uproar because of one taped message where he said grabbing a woman by the p***y…..and the snowflakes went off the Richter scale, but then anything Biden does is just dandy, and even women coming forward nothing…..

Former Nevada lieutenant governor nominee Lucy Flores told us that Biden came up to her, smelled her hair and gave her “a big slow kiss” on the back of her head. Lucy said that she felt “embarrassed” and “shocked.. I wanted nothing more than to get Biden away from me”. Biden claimed he had no memory that he “acted inappropriately,” but if he was in the wrong, he said he would “listen respectfully.” 

The whole hypocrisy of the left that they are prepared to ignore someone like Biden and can you imagine how horrified the children felt that he kept smelling and touching? I cannot get over how the parents just stood there and let him! Wow……

For god sake America and please for the love of mike do not vote for this man. Biden has made a number of verbal gaffes during the campaign, saying in June that ‘we have over 120million dead from Covid’, meaning 120 thousand.    

If you vote him in you will get Clinton and Obama as Biden is too doddery and looks like he cannot remember what day it is. You have the choice of two and Trump is the lesser of two evils as god help the States and the Word if Biden gets in.  

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