When will we see the proposed police officers?

Somewhat slightly disappointed when I received the usual flyer from the Warrington Borough Council about how they are doing so much for the area. Well it is debateable as I cannot see any improvements in this area at all but this Labour run council does have a habit of blowing its own trumpet whilst getting everything so spectacularly wrong.

You see the first problem is that the area I live in does not even come under its own district but rather we are lumped in with two others and this makes us an area of nearly 12,000 people. It is not only this area but 23 other wards and now the most ludicrous idea has been put forward and that is to put 1 police officer and 1 PCSO in each area….now I don’t know about you but that seems like one hell of a big case load for 2 people, one of which cannot even arrest you.

The Warrington Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable must be of thought oh this sounds like a good idea, but have they actually been down to this area? I live in one of the most deprived areas and I am not ashamed of that. I love the area I live in and the people in my avenue are really the salt of the earth, and the surrounding people too but we need more than a 9 to 5 police officer and a PCSO who are not police officers and the teenagers and law breakers know that.

We need real policing and ones that will patrol at night. Policing is not 9 to 5. Infact one of my friends has contacted me as his bike has been stolen from outside his home. He is not the only one but can he get a police officer…can he heck as like. There is a spate of bike thefts currently in action and it seems that they are stolen to order now. The police are now doing remote online queries and he has informed them on their page, along with the many others who have had the same thing, and the answer they got was that there is nothing that can be done apart from a crime number for insurance. That is just not good enough. It needs to change as the system is letting down those who can least afford it as for some it is the only way of getting round as they cannot afford cars. It is wrong and does not give them faith in the police.

I myself had two large stone ornaments removed from my garden. They are irreplaceable as my father got me them before he passed away and I informed the police, and received a letter 3 weeks letter that they had investigated it and closed the case. Well, no one had spoken to me or the lady opposite who had also be robbed the same night. We did not see one police officer and to just have the letter stating they had investigated it was a terrible lie and made it even worse that we were lied too on top of being robbed.

Another time I needed the police was when I was attacked on the park by a very large dog who was trying to go for my little JRT…I managed to get the dog off my boy and the horrible thing attacked me, and the owner was abusive and it was a dreadful time and the police were called, I had witnesses and again they did nothing. Surely as taxpayers we deserve better. The police did not even have the decency to ring or call despite numerous complaints coming in about the dog and the owner. One day that Alsatian will kill a child….and then there will be the usual we did not know response.

Now don’t get me wrong I am a huge supporter of the police but they have to be seen to be working for the people, and sadly they don’t seem to do that, not in the area I live in. After all, how can 1 police officer deal with the issues as the PCSO is just there for the hired help as they really cannot do much, and it must be so infuriating to them and to us….so in effect we have been given nothing much. The area I live in has the largest number of houses in the district at some 6,263 and the area is the equivalent of 1000 football pitches….how on earth are 2 people going to police that?

Community policing is supposed to show that there is a police presence and this sadly does not. It is too little and there needs to be a greater effort to police back on the streets. Not PCSOs as teenagers know they are nothing to be worried about, but real Police Officers who can arrest you and charge you with a crime. The words is deterrent and there is nothing to deter anyone by this very poor show of thought that has gone into this.

We are always told there is a funding shortage yet our council tax rates are always going up and I can see very little in the way of value for money. We need to see police officers on the beat. Not in their cars whizzing past but on the beat and interacting with people and being that deterrent they were meant to be. After all if they are not….then what is the point?

I am sure that there are many a brave police officer who wants to go back to the good old fashioned bobby on the beat and it is the red tape that is stopping them. Why not have their reports done on audio like the Doctors do and downloaded to people who are in the back office and able to have them ready for signing. The police officers words and dealt with in the back system. It will leave them more time to do what they do best and that is stop criminals, and restore faith in our law and order system.

We have in my area double the crime in comparison to other areas and yet we have not been afforded any more police than the area with the lowest crime rates and that is ridiculous, and until the Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable actually see this, then we are on a hiding to nothing and the crime rate and lack of faith in the police will go up.

If I can make a suggestion to the Chief Constable and the Crime Commissioner come out of your gilded cages and speak to the people and your police officers and bring in the policing they and us want. Online virtual and remote policing is not the way forward. We need to see it for our peace of minds or there will come a point the people will protect their own and why not….the police will not be protecting us.

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