Time is up for their Lordships….

The unelected unaccountable House of Lords has rejected the bill put forward by Priti Patel, the Home Secretary and demanded the unaccompanied children be reunited with relatives in this country.

Remember those unaccompanied children like below:

A Calais migrant and a group of schoolchildren
The supposed child immigrant…..
Calais migrant 'children' arrive in Britain
Another one….

The Lords overwhelmingly supported an amendment by Lord Dubs, who himself fled the Nazis as a child, to restore potections after the EU transition period ends later this year.

Before the vote Lord Dubs had asked: “Surely it is right that when there are young people who have got relatives here that family reunion must be a basic, basic thing that we should support?”  

Which bit of they are not children has he got a problem with? I am all for genuine children refugees but these are not children and we are putting our children at danger. and now he is getting confused and cannot tell a 15 year old from a 30 year. Lord Dubs was a CHILD….he was a toddler and not the grown men that are conning the Lords and he should shown all the information available to show that he is wrong and they are adults who are getting to close to our children.

Priti Patel must force through the Brexit Immigration Bill and put the whole rotten bunch of them in the Lords back in their box. They are unelected and tried their best to stop the democratic will of the people.

Priti Patel looking at the camera

In a modern democracy they are an archaic relic and they need streaming down. I mean you have what a dozen Lib Dems in the Commons and ten times that amount in the Lords, it is obscene.

Make them stand for election and we will soon see them change their attitude when they think their £300 plus and TAX exempt piggy bank will disappear.

The Government should ignore them as they are not the voice of the people and time to let Dominic Cummings on the whole rotten place as is it time to now drain that swamp.

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