The Incompetence is no longer acceptable.

Matt Hancock must now be sacked as the Health Secretary. He has presided over the worst cock-ups so far, and in a time of pandemics it really is unforgiveable.. First of all he brings in a totally incompetent person to run the tracing and testing app in Baroness Harding, then he cannot even get the figures right as to how many have become infected.

The daily totals rocketed over the weekend after the 'glitch' resulted in officials adding on thousands of cases that were missed last week. However, that merely shows the dates the cases were reported, rather than when the positive tests happened
The daily results has rocketed due to a “glitch”
Counted by the date specimens were collected, rather than the date the government published them, the UK had 11,404 cases on September 30, almost as many as were reported in the next two days combined

It almost seems the incompetence knows no bounds and no excuse is good enough for the continued mis-management of his department especially in a time of national emergency. There are Doctors in the Tory party who must have a pretty good idea he is useless, and surely it is now time to bring in those who at least know about health.

I know he is a friend of Boris but he is not suitable for the job and it is going from bad to worse and it is time to sack him as the PM will lose credibility as it seems no one at the top of the Health Department knows what is going on!

The most recent Monday for comparison, September 21 a fortnight ago, saw 4,368 cases confirmed. Today’s number is a 188 per cent increase – almost three times as high, and it will now take another week to come up with clean statistics, and can we really afford to wait that long? People are being locked down and worried sick about what could happen to them or their families.

They are isolating due to someone in the family having a condition, and even today I could only shout to my grandchildren hello because I am doing as ordered by the Government, however it is upsetting and I am fed up of finding out daily that they are cocking the whole thing up. It is costing me my precious time with my grandchildren and they and I are suffering because of it. It is bordering on cruel to be this incompetent.

There are livelihoods at risk as well as mental health and it cannot go on and there must be someone who falls on their sword and it must be Matt Hancock.

(Daily Mail) In a bruising Commons session, Mr Hancock said the PHE episode should ‘never have happened’ – but stopped short of giving an apology. Instead he insisted it showed that the government could act ‘swiftly’.  ‘This incident should never have happened but the team has acted swiftly to minimise its impact, and now it is critical that we work together to put this right and make sure it never happens again,’ he said.

Mr Hancock said the Government’s assessment of the Covid-19 pandemic had ‘not substantially changed’ despite the radical change in the figures. This morning the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC) presented to me their updated analysis of the epidemic based on the new figures. The chief medical officer (Chris Whitty) has analysed that our assessment of the disease and its impact has not substantially changed as a result of these data. The JBC has confirmed that this has not impacted the basis on which decisions about local action were taken last week. Nevertheless, this is a serious issue that is being investigated fully.’

The investigations must not be conducted by Matt Hancock and must be totally independent but the buck must stop with him. He has presided over the badly run, most ill informed mess of a plan in the history of messy plans and even Blackadder and Baldrick couldn’t have come up with such a badly run mess.

We must have faith in the government and we cannot have faith in a Health Secretary who promotes the wrong people to the tasks, especially where they have failed before in previous roles and then cannot even get statistics right to show at what stage the country is at. If we cannot have the right figures, how on earth do we know if we are dealing with it properly, and more important beating it.

I am a Conservative voter through and through and it pains me to demand the sacking of Matt Hancock but he is bumbling his way through one major disaster into another, and this is peoples lives he is playing with and it cannot be allowed to continue.

Show true leadership Boris and sack him. I know it is hard to sack a friend but you have to think beyond that as you are there because the people believed in you, and the majority still feel you are the right man but you are hanging onto a liability and we must have faith in our Health Secretary or this nightmare will just not go away.

Wrong statistics, bumbling comments, poor choices of people to lead the fight against Covid 19….enough is enough…..he has to be sacked and look at your party for the right man, it doesn’t matter if he is a new MP just make sure it is a Doctor.

Give us the reason to continue to trust you with this crisis not a reason to criticise you because of it.

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