Smacks of Hypocrisy

Margaret Ferrier

The former SNP MP Margaret Ferrier has still not resigned despite making a journey of some 400 miles to her home from London AFTER testing POSITIVE for Covid 19, never mind making the journey to London feeling unwell and suspecting she had it.

Her stupidity and total lack of care could result in someone becoming really unwell due to coming into contact with her! There was another person who ignored symptoms and results…..Typhoid Mary….as she was infectious too…..

I can remember the hue and cry when Dominic Cummings went to his parents house and he did not even get out of his car, did not come into contact with anyone, and who had child care needs…all within the law, and Ms Ferrier was one of the loudest to shout for him to be fired and one of the baying hyenas who demanded a full enquiry into what he was doing….WOW….what a hypocrite.

She should stand down because of what she has done. She has put the lives of those on the train at risk, and she really should not be sitting in the Commons with such an arrogant attitude. Her constituents should demand she resigns, but that £82k a year and the very generous expenses can make any arrogance worth it., and the risk oh well its just the little people as far as some MPs are concerned.

Nicola Sturgeon was right to call her Margaret Covid as she is the worst of the worst and to actually travel with the virus whilst unwell smacks of disbelief. She knows that people have died from it and her uncaring attitude is just awful…

Twitter accounts instantly mocked the Scottish First Minister’s embarrassing slip of the tongue, with one saying: ‘Margaret Covid. OMG this is so funny. I think this name will stick’

The stench of hypocrisy is strong in Margaret Covid and never mind asking her to give up the seat, surely the fact she has put the lives of British people at risk is enough of a reason to fire here from Parliament, and jail her for doing so.

After all, we had to listen to endless hours of Ian Blackford going on and on and on and on and on about Dominic Cummings, and whilst I think of it where are the newspapermen and journalists? Shouldn’t they be hanging about outside her door and writing nasty comments in the road, …such as when are you going to resign? A particular favourite of the Guardian….who then photographed it, or shouting through letter boxes or frightening any children like they did with Dominic Cummings autistic son??? No one seemed bothered then about the mob mentality because it was Dominic Cummings, yet it all seems too polite for me. Too set up to try and smooth it over.

This is staged so that it looks like Nicola Sturgeon has control of the party and she doesn’t. None of the hypocrites are shouting too loud and that is why the public must demand her gone, fired, end of, no longer in parliament. Those who are mandated to make the law must not break the law as there is a price to pay and nothing less than her resignation will do.

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