Twitter removing vile tweets.

Twitter has pledged to remove the vile tweets that openly gloat at the President having Covid 19 and being taken to hospital.

Twitter is pledging to remove tweets rooting for President Trump's death in the wake of his COVID-19 diagnosis. The President is pictured on Thursday - one day before he tested positive to the contagious virus
Twitter's communications department made the vow Friday evening, following a wave of sick tweets posted by users

To openly want someone to die of this horrible virus shows what utter bottom feeding pond life they are. Donald Trump has worked for $1 dollar a year for the USA and he has kept all his promises. I wish our MPs and PM would do the same and yet they still moan. What more do they want out of the man who puts his country first every time….my god I wish we had someone like Donald…we would have gotten out of the EU a long time ago. He loves his country and the fools who wish him harm cannot see that. They are the problem not him.

The left are always the first to become intolerant yet they blame those on the right…

The vile moron below is a classic example….

Piers Morgan puts it so brilliantly but he left out what an odious, horrible, nasty individual…but then she was the spokeswomen for Hiliary Clinton…so that says all I need to know about what sort of person she is.

I am rooting for the President and I hope he wins a 2nd term as it will shut down every whinging, screaming, harpy looney left who cannot accept a democratic win. Its funny how the ones who advocate working against democracy are always those on the left.

The President and First Lady are getting better and I hope he comes back with both barrels and everyone of those god awful individuals who wrote the vile tweets get banned, and that they are publicly shamed for what they are. Horrible, truly horrible.

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