She deserves better than this!

HMS Hermes is making her final trip to an Indian yard to be turned into motorbikes, razors no doubt and everything else they can turn their hands too. She was sold to the Indian Navy in 1987 and has become obsolete to them. We should buy her back and give her the ending she deserves.

HMS Hermes was the Falklands Flagship in the 1982 War and she served with pride and honour, and it is about time we recognised this when dealing with such fine old ladies.

The Hermes was given a hero's welcome at Portsmouth (pictured) when she returned home following the Falklands War in 1982
Hermes Returning in 1982

For me a ship that has seen active duty show be taken out and sunk to begin a new life as a reef. She now belongs to the sea and it should be the sea that fills her decks not the sound of being torn apart.

It is a sad, sad day when our beloved symbols of British Pride are confined to the scrap heap.

Armourers are pictured moving torpedoes around on the Hermes' flight deck as the re-arm Sea King helicopters to use against the Argentine Navy during the Falklands War
Armourers on HMS Hermes
After the war the Hermes was retrofitted several times before falling into disuse, and was at last sold to the Indian navy in 1987 - where she was renamed the INS Viraat (pictured)

God bless the Hermes, God bless the Royal Navy and all of our Armed Forces.

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