No trick or treating…..

Seems 2020 will carry on being a disappointment to us all and the children will miss out on the one thing they do seem to enjoy….Halloween.

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I have always decorated my home as I think I am still a big kid at heart and the look of joy on their faces when they see a decorated house is worth all the effort, although my daughter is ten times more over the top but she does it for her children, and it is never an effort wasted. I get to hear it again and again all the ghosts, witches and skeletons that have gone up. The excitement in their voices is wonderful.

Sadly it seems we won’t have the continued doorbell noise this year and for the children I feel so sorry for so I decided to order the sweets anyway but this time in boxes.

I order from a chap called Eddie Hill and if you are in the Warrington, Widnes, Runcorn area then definitely give him a shout. The boxes are £4 and I have an order in for 14 as I plan to leave them on the doorsteps of all the children in the avenue, and 3 for my own grandchildren as I know they will be so upset at not having been out.

Carousel Candy ……. Pre-Order your Halloween Treat Boxes as stock is selling out quickly. Introducing the Haunting Carousel Candy Spooktacular Range for Halloween. Boo! It’s time for Halloween treats. Come and trick or treat with our Haunted House Treat Box Scary Selection, where black cats slink along the corridors, ghosts wail in the attic and our resident witch has brewed up a cauldron of creepy cocktails of your Haribo & Jelly Scaremix and Fang or Tangfastics favourites and comes complete with an Edible Haunted House and Scary Picture Puzzle if you dare to enter at your own risk.

Try me for just £4.00 per box which includes wrapping, boxed and delivered locally. You would die for The Coffin Trick & Treat Box. This is the graveyard of all treats with a filled coffin of Scary chocolate novelty treats, spooky praline chocolates and Halloween treats including vampires, bats, skulls, eyeballs and pumpkins will accompany you which lies on a bed of devilish chocolate nibbles and scary worms, scary lollipops – but they won’t save you from the things that go bump in the night…Try me for just £4.00 per box which includes wrapping, boxed and delivered locally.

The famous Sanderson Sisters are back with our Hocus Pocus Treat Box, using their spellbook, we bring you a treat box that will definitely put a spell on you and which is perfect for any chocoholic. We have two cauldrons, pumpkins 🎃 or skulls 💀 of Halloween 👻 chocolate novelties such as milk chocolate ghost and eyeballs served with lashings of milk & white chocolate jazzies, chocolate mice and hogs heads perfect for a Halloween treat for just £4.00 per box which includes wrapping, boxed and delivered locally.

The Witches Cauldron Treat Bags are perfect for Halloween evening filled with all your Spooktacular mix of sweets like Drumsticks, Refreshers, Banana Splits and all your Chewy Sweets that will keep you chewing so we can’t here you screaming……great value at just £1.50 per treat bag.

The Night of the Living Dead Treat Bag is perfect for sharing and tearing with a friend. A treat bag filled with a surprise mix up of your favourites what we can dig up at time of ordering……..fantastic value at just £2.00 per treat bag.Why not try a portion of our Spider Floss, ghoulish green or Flesh Pink mouth watering candy floss with edible spooky spiders which is a perfect combination to get caught in the web for just £1.50……why not add to any treat box or order separately. Our customers love us and always come back for more – we pride ourselves on the quality of our treat boxes which offer fantastic value for money along with great customer service and care, so please give us a try and order now for the weekend.

Please enquire for more information or 07900281533

I am endorsing Eddie hugely as I am a big fan of his and I buy all my sweets and treats from him. I do not get a discount and I have not been paid for this article but I feel that the treats he provides for the money is well worth it, and your children will have a happy time eating their way through them.

So, if as it looks that Halloween is cancelled then treat them anyway as I and many of my friends and family are determined not to miss out. We are going to do an online trick or treat for Halloween and then when they have done it, they can open their boxes.

We are all finding out a new and novel way to bring some normality to this year and I know that on the 31st December 2020 at 2359, I will be glad to see the back end of this year as no doubt many of you will be too.

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