The EU sues us….what a surprise said no one ever!

It seems that the EU is coming up with more and more ways to try and con money out of us, and the latest one is over the Internal Market Bill that has passed through the commons.

It seems the EU President Ursula Van Der Leyen has announced today that as usual the EU is chucking their dummies out of the pram and plan to sue us for the supposed breaching of the Withdrawal bill.

Ursula von er Leyen today announced the EU is launching legal action against the UK over Boris Johnson's plans to tear up parts of the Brexit divorce deal
Ursula von der Leyen today announced the EU is launching legal action against the UK over Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up parts of the Brexit divorce deal

Yet Article 50 states that the European Union is supposed to conduct negotiations in a friendly and statesmanlike manner, and sadly the EU has done neither. So surely they are in breach of the original agreement. Also, the fact that they have behind the Government’s back held talks with Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP is another breach. Sturgeon despite thinking she is, is not the Government of the United Kingdom… Boris and the Conservative Party is and the EU have not acted in the good faith they were bound by when it comes to double dealing.

The EU have forgotten one thing and that is that the Sovereignty of the UK Courts will always trump the EU as we are a Sovereign Nation and their rules and regulations do not apply to us. So, they can sue away. I am sure the other countries will be delighted in this day and age of Covid 19 struggles where some members states are struggling to makes ends meet, to then find out that the EU will once again start useless legal proceedings and they have to pay will be met with groans of disbelief.

The problem is that for far too long under May and the treasonous parliament of 2017 – 2019, the EU were getting away with dictating the terms of the agreement and the withdrawal bill. Mrs May even had the German Chancellor write out the terms, and the Parliament were quite happy to go along with us being tied to the EU and having no say.

The EU must of thought they had it all wrapped up to their requirements. You know the one where we get dictated too, where they take our fish and ruin our fishing industry, where the EU army would have direct control over our Armed Forces and where we have uncontrolled movement. They must of thought that the United Kingdom would be their permanent ATM…and then December 12th 2019 happened.

The EU had wanted a hung Parliament so that they could dictate again, but we the people did not want that and we gave Boris the mandate to get us the hell out of that undemocratic monstrosity, and there can be no surprise that once again the EU are trying to find ways to screw money out of us.

Well, try all you like but the Courts of the United Kingdom trump the kangaroo signatures of the EU Courts each and every time. After all, we know the judgement already of the EU Courts and of course it will be fines equivalent to another year of our subs, after all it is control and money the EU crave. Germany and France finally wanted total control of this country and they have been foiled yet again by the United Kingdom. 2 World Wars, 1 world Cup and a Brexit Referendum…doo dah!!

The Government insists that breaking the agreement is fundamental to us having total control, and lets face it the EU started this by saying they would blockade Northern Ireland. They have forgotten that Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom and we could not have any foreign law dictating what happens on our soil. The EU should have just stepped back as surely the decision to cut of Northern Ireland was against their own terms of the agreement, and to threaten to do so resulted in the necessity to do this. We must always put the United Kingdom and its Sovereignty first above anything else.

We know that the EU is an undemocractic, unaccountable monstrosity that is there purely for the benefit of its members. It is not for the benefit of those who live within the EU as they will often ignore the results of referendums and that alone is a breach of their own rules and laws. After all, we know the EU is adapt and one of the worse offenders for breaking the terms of any agreement.

I back Boris Johnson and the Cabinet every step of the way as we cannot be dictated too by these people. The likes of Verhofstadt and Ver Der Leyen are just another long line of people who jump on the EU bandwagon because it means they continue to scam the money off the taxpayers for their extravagant living expenses. It was never set up to be for the people but against the people, but they do expect the people to keep paying.

I hope that after us the Italians are next and hopefully the Greeks and the whole rotten stack of cards coming falling down, as the EU is now threatening to withhold must needed money from the member states for daring to want their own judges. How dare they want their own people deciding their rules, how very democratic. The EU must hate them for it.

The major thing that gets on my pip is the constant referral to the Good Friday Agreement. Where the hell was the EU when bombs were going off and maiming and killing people? Oops they forgot to turn up as usual. This is no more than a ploy to wrestle control and it will fail.

Get us out Boris and let them be damned and take us to Court. Their laws are not above ours and for me a no deal is preferable and no £39 they have had enough money and time to go.

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