Dangerous Dogs…..

Again and again I read about dogs attacking people regardless of the country they are in. Today just happens to be Argentina where a mother tried to protect her daughter from a crazed pit bull….

The dog latched on to the girl's leg with its teeth and refuses to let go for almost two minutes, horrifying CCTV video footage shows
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I am however a firm believer that you do not get bad dogs, but rather bad owners. Any dog is capable of being vicious if treated badly and it is often a case of them being treated badly or neglected that results in attacks and that is hugely unfair on the dogs themselves..

Even my own little boy who is a Jack Russell Terrier can cause damage to a child….but because he has been loved and included….he is a soppy thing who gets beaten up by the cats in the family. I always say that there is nothing nasty in him but I am always aware that he is a dog at the end of the day, and that he must be under control. (When he is not getting loved and cuddled all day long), and he knows that I am the Alpha in the family.

I always find it sad when I read of attacks as there are two casualties…one the poor child and one the dog as it is always a case of putting it down. Maybe if we made dog owners more responsible and dogs were put on leads it could help.

I have been attacked at least 4 times on the park with my dog. Dogs that you would not think were capable. Well, one was an Alsatian. The owner is well known for training the dog to be an attack dog and he never puts it on a lead. Sadly, the police know and did nothing despite me making a complaint, and every time I can I will inform people if I see him about. Me and Mr Points of Sue have started to take out a pole now and I will hit the dog with it to save mine as sadly the Alsatian is beyond help now and it will only be time before something bad happens.

The second was a greyhound who almost took out my dogs throat and resulted in stitches, the 3rd and 4th were from family pets one a border collie and the other was a pit bull. Thankfully my screams and lots of kicking saw them off but the thing they all had in common… NO LEADS.

Where I walk on the park the dogs are so often off the lead and it makes me very nervous. This morning for instance I saw a huge 6 month old puppy. He was a cross between a Rottweiler and a husky but he was a big soppy thing. The owner saw I was a little concerned at the size of him and asked if my boy was ok. He explained that his was a puppy and just wanted to play and we let the dogs sniff and then the tails were going. The difference of a responsible owner with a dog on the lead made it so enjoyable as the puppy was a softie……..and just rolled on his back ready for a belly rub.

Sadly though another day and another two victims…..I honestly think if people thought more sensible about the dog they want there would be less issues. as like puppies….children can be boisterous and loud and unpredictable, and you owe it to the children and the dog to make sure that they are fully trained and on a lead.

If you cannot give your dog the same amount of love and care, and where they do not feel neglected or jealous then give them to somebody who could as they deserve to feel as much wanted as anyone else.

Get the DOGS ON A LEAD WHEN OUT……………..

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