Mrs May’s show anger was nothing more than a damp squid…..

The Internal Market Bill has finally passed its 3rd reading, and is now on its way to the Lords. I hope their Lordships remember that their chamber can be done away with or significantly reduced by the Commons, and especially the overwhelming number of MPs that Boris has. The PM will find few or no complaints at all if he decides to teach the Lords a lesson. They are unelected and unanswerable and in this day and age really not fit for purpose.

Anyway, off to the Lords it goes but not before the newspapers were full of the Mrs May is back headlines. The headlines where she was leading the remainers in Parliament to give the PM a hard time… why is it that former PMs who the country don’t want….do not keep quiet and just retire!!.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May
Theresa May

We who are Brexiters have always known where Mrs May’s allegiance lies and it is not to the people of this country, after all how bad must her plan have been if everyone said it was awful. I could see the first conversation after the vote with Drunken Junker….”what can you offer as I don’t want to leave and will con the people that Brexit is Brexit”.

True to form she started off with guns a blazing pretty much like she did with the EU with her Brexit means Brexit speech…or as I call it the Dog means Dog speech. As she is not really saying that she will get it done just that the vote meant Brexit and she then spent the whole time trying to screw this country over, whilst aiming for having us to become a vassal state of the EU and one where we have no rights, Schengen and dictated too by the Germans and French. Problem is Mrs May forgot one thing….the people. The arrogance of the woman to think that she could con us is really beyond contempt.

Thankfully her treachery was seen at the elections of the MEPs and it resulted in her end because the Tories got a thrashing, and it had to be done that way so we could get rid of the woman. How annoyed must she have been to see that Boris gained what she could never in her General Election and where she ended up with a minority government. Mrs May must of known that would happen but it would suit her double talk as it meant that Parliament could dictate and they would demand Remain. The whole cess pit in Parliament forgot one thing and that is the people love democracy and expect it to be enacted, and the one who offered what the majority wanted to Get Brexit Done won.

Well, from her anger there was the talk that she was going to make sure that Boris was going to be humiliated with regards to the Internal Market Bill and that he would have to climb down, and that because of her leading the vote she would still show him that she is a force to be reckoned with. I myself was disgusted that she would some 4 years on still attempt to tie the hands of a British Prime Minister to the will of Europe. She had learnt nothing.

Well, watching eagerly the vote yesterday and where was this champion of the EU who was going to attend and show her disgust…..well she stayed away. How very typical of one Mrs Theresa May.

She is no better than a hot gust of air. She achieves nothing and says a whole of nothing too. When she goes upto the Lords she could become the Baroness Nothing as that is what she does….nothing. She endlessly believes her own hype.

So, for all her bluster and the glee of the remainers, the fightback was nothing more than a damp squid. Oh don’t get me wrong as Keir Starmer and the Liebour mob abstained, but like May they are trying to appease their political masters and Starmer like May is working for the EU and definitely not for the people.

There is one down….Mrs May and now one to go Starmer and lets drain the swamp again and again until we have thrown out those who would do this country harm and yes they both would, as Starmer like May has a huge problem with enacting the will of the people and referendums. I guess if it doesn’t suit their agenda then they will act against us to change it. Beware of what you ask for Starmer as he really is not electable and never will be.

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