Dear Sir Keir,

Another day and lots more criticism from the Labour party and especially you, infact it is a close call between who is the most hypocritical you and your shadow education secretary Kate Green, who called the Covid 19 a good crisis…wow…just wow.

It seems she is another one who has plenty of criticism for the handling of the Covid 19 crisis in the Universities, but are they not a hot bed for the looney left…after all their is not such thing as free speech at the places of learning, and they are mainly taught by the left leaning lecturers, yet there they are locking down the students, and not only that but putting security on the doors to make sure nobody gets in or out. Not very left is it? Yet all your shadow education secretary can do is try to make great use of a pandemic to rubbish the Government, and then offer nothing in reality. It took her 5 days to apologise. That is not good and certainly not want anybody would expect from a senior MP.

Shadow education secretary apologises after calling Covid-19 a ‘good crisis’
Kate Green

Never one to pass up an opportunity to blast the Government I thought well just what is it you and the Labour party are doing Sir Keir…well…..

Lets start with the constant calls from your shadow chancellor about how the Government is not doing enough to save jobs in the pandemic….

Official portrait of Anneliese Dodds MP crop 2.jpg
Annaliese Dodds Shadow Chancellor

When you think of the party policy put forward for the General Election of 2019 your party would have bankrupted the country already with the buying back of the Utilities, the Trains, Transport etc. Then what would have you used to bail out the workers who are furloughed? There would be nothing left but I thought oh maybe Ms Dodds is going to saying something that would blow us away and come up with a solution.

So I listened to her constant griping about the Chancellor and then more criticism and then even more criticism and then nothing…..I thought oh look all gripe and nothing of substance, and she is like a rabbit caught in the headlights when she is asked an actual finance question.

Then we had you Sir Keir constantly trying to thwart the will of the people in the Brexit vote as it transpires that the turnaround of Labour was actually because you wanted a 2nd Referendum. It seems that you do not like the idea of Parliament actually enacting the will of the people. You actively encouraged your party to misinform the people when Labour said they would respect the vote, as you knew that you and those who are democracy haters in your party would actually do everything to stop it. Maybe enough of us had not been called racist stupid gammon enough to swallow your rubbish .

Then you back Black Lives Matter by taking the knee which is something that a leader should never do. Leaders do not capitulate but because you thought it would look good down you went. Then when you realised it would be backfire….so did you. You flip flop more than a hobo on Bondi beach.

You did not discipline those MPs who broke the law and joined the rioters when the pandemic was in full swing, and you have not taken race baiting Dawn Butler to task over her video that tried to cause trouble for the police, but rather you have let her continue to spread her hatred of the police constantly.

Then because you think the people in Scotland would vote for your party away you go and give them the idea that you would back them for a 2nd Referendum if the SNP won the parliament. The thing is that you would never agree to it if you were in power and you are only causing trouble for the Government and you and I know it, however you do have a problem accepting the result of a referendum and not once have you thought that if you give it to Scotland… have lost the votes anyway.

Throughout the last 9 months you really have had nothing to offer. Oh you talk a good talk but what you are saying sounds like BS, piffle and more piffle. There is nothing of substance in it….pretty much like you and as I have said in previous posts a Law and Order Leader does not have a CV like yours where you have actively gone after the faithful servants of this country by either suing the Government for terrorists, or taking case loads of one dodgy Phil Shiner when he was fraudulently trying to have our soldiers charged with crimes they did not commit. That is the lowest of the low.

You did not even bother to turn up for the vote of the Internal Market Bill, and why?? You stated you were isolating and then low and behold you weren’t but you still did not show up and why?? We all know its because you could not be seen to vote for it because of your remain voting views, and you could not be seen to vote against it as you would have to explain that to the heartlands of the Red Wall that got demolished. So as usual you chose to avoid it rather than face it full on.

You did the same with the Overseas Operational Bill where it would protect our soldiers from the very same Lawyers who went after them with such gusto….not very good is it Sir Keir. You are too scared to throw the likes of Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott and the other who voted against the bill even though they were ordered by you not to vote. It seems that Corbyn can do what he likes and you have no control. Is that really what we can expect in a leader?

So in finishing Sir Keir….what have you done other than gripe, moan and criticise and as far as offering any solutions….you haven’t. You have offered nothing and continue to offer nothing. You hide from the very votes you want to avoid so you can say you did or did not vote for it. Not very statesman like is it?

What do you plan to do in the way of offering solutions to the problems that you say the Government is not fixing? As from where I am standing you are offering nothing and continue to offer nothing and that is why you and your party will never get in.

To say I am not surprised is an under statement but please do not keep lecturing on your whole lot of nothing solution, it is starting to get irritating now.

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