Never thought I would defend JK Rowling but this is getting all silly now.

Prominent literary figures signed a letter in 'solidarity' with Harry Potter author JK Rowling, 55, after the hashtag #RIPJKRowling trended on social media, declaring her dead
JK Rowling.

Never thought I would defend JK Rowling as I am not a reader of the Harry Potter books but that is not why I took to disliking her, but rather her anti Brexit stance as it smacked of the wealthy sticking their oar in from their gated mansions but I decided that her vilification has gone far enough and I am putting my head above the parapet.

I do believe that this hatred of JK Rowling has gone from ridiculous to outright nutsville. Apparently there is a movement out to have her declared “dead” on the media stratosphere. The usual intolerant left being what they always are intolerant.

Her crimes??? To first say it is only women who need sanitary towels and it is. I am not against a man wanting to change to a woman and think that it must be awful to be born in the wrong body and people must be offered all the help and support they need, but lets face the fact even after changing sex to a woman they will never have a period, and that means they will never need to use a sanitary towel so why is a fuss being made out of something that won’t affect a tiny majority of the population? Yep you guessed it….the intolerant left.

Trust me as a woman these ghastly monthly interruptions are not much fun. They are painful, messy and in some cases can make you so ill that you would given anything to make it stop, and why they do stop you have the “change” and you can end up with brittle bones and that is one of the good ones and I have been one of the lucky ones who are sailing through theirs, but some of my family have been so unwell with it….. I would not wish the horrible curse on anyone not even an enemy. So I don’t understand the outrage…..

I firmly believe that anyone has the right to change their sex as that is the modern world we live in, and if where you live it is possible to change your sex then go for it as nobody has the right to keep you unhappy. It is your legal right but it is also my fundamental right to stick up for JK Rowling as it seems that everything belonging to a female is something the loony left wants to take away from us, and it has to stop somewhere.

Her second crime……in her book she writes about a Transvestite Serial Killer. It has gotten the left up in arms.

First it is about a person who wears women’s clothes and not someone who has decided to fully become a woman, and that is a huge difference. There are people around who do wear women’s clothes and are quite happy with the decision. There is no fuss and I believe that everyone has the right to be happy in whatever they want to do, and I am sure if you ask a transvestite they don’t want this nonsense and faux outrage. all they want is a quiet life and yes I do know somebody who is transvestite and the loveliest person in the world. It does not bother us their friends, nor their partner so why is all this fuss being kicked up over a made up character.

It seems transgender activists got their knickers in a twist over nothing. Have they actually read the book? There is nothing derogatory whatsoever and what they are really saying is that if the serial killer was a white male who dressed in a suit and looked and acted male then that would be believable, after all in reality they see men as the problem more often than not regardless of anything. You could not make him a man of colour as they would kick off at that being racist, nor could it be a woman as that would be too misogynistic…so to them the heterosexual white male is the natural choice for the killer.

Yet where is the outrage over Psycho? Nope thought not! Which smacks of being hypocritical to me as that film and TV series has been made again and again..(in fact its got boring now) but there was no hate messages sent out to the producers. Nothing….just hypocrisy over JK Rowling.

It seems the hypocritical intolerant left are losing touch with reality it by the minute….they cannot stand the fact that JK Rowling wrote the book as they seem to hate her for hating sake. Surely this is anti feminism as she is a successful woman writer, and in some cases could be classed as a hate crime.

It has nothing to do with the contents but rather the person writing it as what they really hate are successful people and especially Ms Rowling as she will not give into mob intimidation, and they do to go out of their way to pile pressure on which is ludicrous as it has not and will not stop her from writing her books. They are over looking the fact that she has given joy and a great imagination to millions of children and some adults with her books. I am surprised they don’t want a book burning as it promotes witches and wizards and they all wear capes but give them time as they will get round to that too.

They seem to have forgotten in real life that you have all sorts of killers. There are serial killers who dress up in all sorts of gear….take the case of John Wayne Gacy. He dressed as a clown so does that mean any book has to leave that out because it is unfair on clowns? We have had ISIS terrorists leave the country dressed up in a hijab yet I am not outraged at a woman wearing one and demanding they stop for the sake of security. That is her choice and I would defend any woman who wants to wear one of her own free will and I am sure that there are plenty of people who have dressed up in what could be classed as the opposite sex.

When I was in the Army out of work time and out of uniform I wore jeans, desert boots and denim shirt and so did the guys in the Parachute regiment where I worked. Does this mean I was wrong to dress like them or where they wrong to dress like me? The argument like them is getting damn silly and and they forget one thing….THE PERSON IN THE BOOK IS NOT A REAL PERSON.

No one will go out and harasses a transvestite just because a book by JK Rowling has mentioned one. The intolerant left forget we are more tolerant than they give us credit for and maybe they need to learn it. You see grown up normal people tend to like the person for who they are and not how they look. It is only shallow people who go for looks so maybe they need to look in the mirror and not judge by what they see or think they see.

It will save them looking stupid in the future., but I guess giving them advice on being tolerant to others will be wasted on them.

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