The Overseas Bill protecting our forces would have stopped this…..

Major Robert Campbell has had a 17 year witch hunt brought to an end at last.

Major Robert Campbell, 47, was investigated on bogus claims that he forced suspected looter Saeed Radhi Shabram Wawi Al-Bazooni, 19, into a river at gunpoint in Basra in May 2003
Major Campbell

He was thrown to the wolves based on lies and accusations and the MOD was not there to protect him at any point.

Thankfully Baroness Hallett who is a Judge has finally ruled and cleared him of any wrong doing…but why did it take 17 years?

In her report published yesterday, Baroness Hallett said the  allegations against Maj Campbell were based on lies, collusion and a 'possible conspiracy' to pervert the course of justice
Baroness Hallett

Her Honour ruled that the allegations of the supposed drowning of a 19 year old was based on lies, collusion and possible conspiracy and should this be the case then those former Police men who run the Witch Finding Unit IHAT should be investigated.

Major Campbell was investigated on the bogus claim that he forced a 19 year old suspected looter Saeed Radhi Shabran Wawi Al-Bazooni 19 into a river at gun point in Basra, May 2003.

This young person knew the law regarding looting and Her Honour has ruled that he in all probability he jumped into the river and that Major Campbell and 2 NCOs jumped into to try and save him and the thanks they get….their lives ruined for 17 years. Shame on the MOD.

The eyewitnesses who lets face it were not friends of the British Army put in what can only be false reports and the MOD as usual instead of fighting it on behalf of the soldiers actually paid £100,000 to the family of the dead man. Nice bit of pay off when you can get it. I hope they are now going to get that money back.

Major Campbells case was part of the 4,000 claims brought by the disgraced former lawyer Phil Shiner and his Public Interest Lawyers, and all of these have collapsed and lets not forget Mr Shiner actually passed some of these claims to one Keir Starmer. Is he going to explain that at any point?

It is now time to sue the MOD for Major Campbell as those who sit behind a desk and do nothing must be held accountable for ruining the lives of good, honest, loyal men who went to fight an illegal war because those who sit in parliament believed Blair and his sexed up dossier of total lies.

The fact Starmer abstained tells me all I need to know about what the Labour party think of the British Armed Forces. Oh, I have read quote after quote from Generals who say this law is wrong, but they are safe in their nice places to live and like Blackadder says some 30 miles behind enemy lines and with the drinks cabinet. It is often men like Major Campbell who is at the front of the war and they must be protected from lies and false claims.

I am hopeful the bill passes and never again will such brave individuals as Major Campbell be chased by ambulance chasing lawyers who want a profit more than justice, and lawyers that do must be struck off and made to pay damages and passing all your houses etc to your family must not be allowed to stand in law such as Shiner did. He still owes £700,000 and he has no morals whatsoever.

The IHAT team was never fit for purpose and the search for the truth seemed to take a back seat, and Major Campbell now needs to sue the former Directors too. This is no different than the mob at the Witch Trials of the 15th and 16th century as they too were deemed guilty despite the evidence being made up.

Iraq Historic Allegations Team (daily mail)

The Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) was set up by the Government in March 2010 to investigate allegations of abuse and torture by British soldiers in Iraq. The inquiry was established in November 2010 after 146 Iraqi men said they had been tortured. The unit is led by retired senior civilian police detective, Mark Warwick, and is made up of Royal Navy Police officers and ex-civilian police detectives and will soon be up to its full complement of 145 staff.

In January 2013 G4S subsidiary G4S Policing Solutions lost its contract to provide 40 former police officers for the inquiry, and was replaced by Police Skills, a subsidiary of Red Snapper Group, who will provide 100 former detectives. In a judicial review the Court of Appeal ruled in November 2011 that the involvement of the General Police Duties branch of the Royal Military Police (RMP) ‘substantially compromised’ the inquiry because members of the unit had participated in detentions in Iraq.

The armed forces minister, Nick Harvey, responded by announcing in March 2012 that the RMP staff would be reassigned and replaced by Royal Navy Police personnel by 1 April 2012. Lawyers representing people alleging that they have been tortured applied for another judicial review in May 2012 to examine the claim that the Royal Navy Police are not sufficiently independent since they also took part in interrogations, and that abuses were so systemic and widespread that only a public inquiry will satisfy the UK’s human rights obligations.

The case started on January 29, 2013 and a judgement was handed down by Mr Justice Silber on May 24, 2013. In this judgement it was stated that IHAT has now been structured in such a way that it can independently carry out its investigative and prosecutorial functions. It also ruled that the decision of the Secretary of State to refuse to order an overarching public enquiry could not be called into question and said more should be done to address wider systemic issues.

In 2016 Martin Jerrold, managing director of the Red Snapper Group was called as a witness to an oral evidence session by a parliament select committee. A subsequent Daily Telegraph article highlighted the profits made by the company which has contracts worth £4.8million a year and its apparent ineffectiveness in that over its six years of existence it has yet to produce a single successful prosecution. Its 127 staff can be paid through limited companies potentially reducing tax.

In 2017, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announced that the investigations would be shut down within months after MPs called it an ‘unmitigated failure.’ According to the Defence Committee report, IHAT had taken up over 3,500 allegations of abuse despite most not having any credible evidence. The report found failings in the conduct of investigations and concluded that those being investigated had suffered unacceptable stress, had their lives put on hold and careers damaged.

I hope Major Campbell can now find the peace he craves and for me such a man is still a hero and we were very lucky to have him, and shame on the MOD for the witch hunt, and this Overseas Bill has my full support as never again should our Armed Forces be subject to falsehoods, lies and ruination of careers. Someone now needs to pay for the abuse the brave service personnel have been through.

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