No surprise…but they did vote….

The terrorist supporters in the Labour party….Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott, Long Bailey, Osamar and Russell-Moyle voted against the Overseas Operations Bill, and hands up who were surprised by it?

They hate anything to do with the British Military, but they did not sit on the fence like Starmer and the rest of shoddy shower in Labour.

The Labour party after abstaining wants to make amendments at the Committee Stage. Make amendments, my god they stay away from the vote so Starmer can lie his way out of it by saying that he did not vote against it, HE JUST DIDN’T VOTE. Yet he has the audacity to want to table amendments.

If you take the cowards way out then you lose any opportunity to put forth amendments, and I hope they kick any idea he has into the long grass.

All of this coming from a man of who took on cases from Phil Shiner when they were hounding our military on trumped up charges tells me all I need to know about Fence Sitting Starmer. He has no regard for the military, none whatsoever.

I don’t like Corbyn and his band of deplorables, but at least they voted. Against it as you would expect from the MPs whose sympathies are with the IRA, Hama’s and ISIS. They have always voted against this country and it is embarrassing they are in the commons. However, they voted which is far more than Starmer

He is smoke and mirrors and I am surprised his backside is not sore from the amount of fence sitting he does. He flip flops everywhere and tough decision maker….oh pleaseeeee.

Disgraceful spectacle by him and the Labour party.

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