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Talking to a person who works at Ikea and I have never seen them more stressed. There is over crowding at the best of times and I myself have lost the will to live when I step foot in there as you cannot find your way out for hours, and the item I want is always in the warehouse after having to walk through the whole store….and is that item that is missing all its vowels really desperately needed?

Anyway I asked them what was up as the worried lines were getting more and more by each day and it was explained to me that there is very little social distancing going on, and a lot of people are not wearing masks and this is making people feel nervous.

I know that some are exempt but not all and I don’t buy it that all those who don’t wear one should actually be exempt, as Mr Points of Sue wears a mask when we go out and he has the equivalent of one working lung, and the number of times we have had looks due to his coughing, but that coughing is sadly the effect of his lung condition and we sometimes have to explain that, but it is good that people are being vigilant. If you are on air then yes but you can breathe quite happily through the washable masks (and there are some fabulous very funny ones out there), and surely for your sake you should wear one as there are no doubts there will be coughs, sneezes etc because people just do not think. Sadly, that is who we are…..the only downside is that my glasses get steamed up but that is nuisance I can put up with.

Anyway, they continued that there are that many people in there it is making them think twice about actually going in some days……their words not mine.

I sympathised and said I very rarely go in at the best of times as I cannot stand the crowds (and there are a lot of them) and that was before the virus……so my advice is if you are going, then aim to get there for 10am and do your shopping in quick time, and not on the weekend and take a mask and copious amounts of hand gel as all those people can only be akin to a football match without the chanting.

I have a feeling that life is not going to get back to normal for a considerable amount of time so come on Ikea do your bit for the health of your workers as I do know that despite the nerves the staff will turn up as jobs are becoming hard to find in this day and age, and maybe restricting the numbers could help as their health matters too.

I myself will pass on the visit.

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