Animal fur on humans makes them ugly!

The government is going to ban something that has my full support and that is the trading of fur.

It is outrageous in this day and age when you can get a brilliant waterproof coat for the day, or a faux fur for the night that some person decided that they just have to have several animals skinned to wear their fur.

Ministers believe a move to ban fur would buy hugely popular, with opinion polls indicating that around 80 per cent of Britons think the trade is unacceptable (pictured, protesters stand in front of British Fashion Council show space during London Fashion Week)

I am not a new age warrior nor a hippy type person but I do find it disgusting that there is a £200 million pound a year trade in the torture and death of animals just to wear a coat…..Do you really need to show that you are the bottom of the food chain to actually do that.

I quite agree that those who do it are named and shamed after all they have never once thought of the poor animal murdered for it. Disgusting.

The British Fur Trade of course will try to fight the bill but with 80% of the public backing the ban they should just quietly count their money and shut up shop.

DEFRA is expected to launch a consultation paper and Lord Goldsmith met with the Executive Director of the Anti Fur Organisation, Humane Society International in May to I guess start the proceedings to ban this. It will still be imported in Northern Ireland and that definitely needs to stop as fur is murder, and when we are supposed to be civilised so can we really justify to anyone the need to wear an animal that has been killed just for its skin?

It is obscene and it needs to be banned in its entirety. The fact that the PMs partner is against the trade fur might just at long last see it banned for good.

Ms Symonds has called people who wanted to buy fur ‘sick’. She has also campaigned against whaling, and reportedly swayed Mr Johnson in his decision to axe a proposed badger cull
Ms Symonds has called people who wanted to buy fur “sick”.

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