No surprise…but they did vote….

The terrorist supporters in the Labour party….Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott, Long Bailey, Osamar and Russell-Moyle voted against the Overseas Operations Bill, and hands up who were surprised by it? They hate anything to do with the British Military, but they did not sit on the fence like Starmer and the rest of shoddy shower in Labour.Continue reading “No surprise…but they did vote….”

The Overseas Bill protecting our forces would have stopped this…..

Major Robert Campbell has had a 17 year witch hunt brought to an end at last. He was thrown to the wolves based on lies and accusations and the MOD was not there to protect him at any point. Thankfully Baroness Hallett who is a Judge has finally ruled and cleared him of any wrongContinue reading “The Overseas Bill protecting our forces would have stopped this…..”