If you don’t like it, don’t accept it….

https://mol.im/a/8752305 It seems the lefty brigade have stirred the Honours Committee into wokeness and they are now looking at removing the word Empire from OBE and MBE. That is not their decision to make….they do not speak for me or others who want it to stay. Why this all of a sudden? The Honours haveContinue reading “If you don’t like it, don’t accept it….”

A bloody disgrace…she needs jailing.

https://mol.im/a/8751653 Former nurse Kate Shemirani is a total disgrace with her coronavirus denying claims, and her calling of and inciting violence to the police is outrageous. Encouraging the crowds to turn on the police is inciting hatred and the full weight of the law must come down on this woman. She is causing nothing butContinue reading “A bloody disgrace…she needs jailing.”