The Home Secretary is right…no rights if you come here illegally….

Migrants crossing the Channel in small boats could be banned from claiming asylum in Britain as part of plans to curb human rights laws. Pictured: Priti Patel and Michael Gove visiting the Port of Dover
Priti Patel and Michael Gove at the Port of Dover

I wholeheartedly back the Home Secretary and her desire to bring in a new law that prohibits anyone who just tips up on the beach from claiming asylum., after leaving soooooo many safe countries.

Why should you be able to illegally enter and then get rewarded?

What about those poor people who have done everything the legal way and still have to jump through hoops, only to watch other people do nothing than just take a boat ride for 20 odd miles from the safe country of France, having gone through lots and lots of safe countries where you should claim asylum to end up here, and then expect the world to be given to them for nothing upon landing in England.

We have no idea who these people are and why should we let them in if we cannot identify them. After all how we would know if our children are safe? The elderly etc and I know that some of the looney lefts heads will be exploding at this point but would you take a total stranger into your home (oh forgot come on Gary Lineker…another week and nothing…surprised anyone??), but you would not take them into your home because you don’t know how safe those dearest to you would be, so why should we take them in this country if we don’t know how safe we will be from them?

There are sleepers amongst these people and one day it will come back to bite us for letting so many in because of the bleeding hearts brigade. Too late to close the hen house when the fox has taken root there.

Not only is it a question of national security but it is also a question of finance. Why should people who have worked all their lives and taken nothing out of the country, expected to pay for those who have contributed nothing and will take everything?

The pension age has already risen because of the influx and they are moving the goal posts for when you can access your private pension and that is throwing peoples plans into disarray, and no it does not leave you with a warm feeling knowing that you have to work another 2 years longer than planned because some body tipped up on the beach at Hastings or Dover and demanded a home.

They get council housing (veterans don’t get that), hotels if not available (veterans don’t get that), up to £26k a year (pensioners don’t get that, despite working all their lives), access to schools and the NHS without paying a brass farthing in and I for one and trust me I am not on my own, am sick of it.

They are young men, infact too many young men who are coming here and causing all sorts of trouble…when they should be back in their own countries and fighting to make it better? We are now getting people from Africa and this is certainly not our responsibility and certainly not our concern to give them a nice life, as we have our own to take care off and they should be given priority. After all how many times have we read of a young family being forced to live in a B&B because some immigrant landed illegally and jumped the list. It is not right and it is not fair.

The Home Secretary needs to bring in that law as the majority of the people in Britain are fed up of these people turning up. They are not fleeing anything but rather running to a lifestyle that they could not have in their own homes as working for it would not occur to them.

Those who apply legally are more than welcome and happy to see you, but if you get here by another means we don’t want you and go home, infact go and do the right thing and take care of your women folk and children instead of being here where you are quite clearly not wanted.

There are plenty of former army barracks that can be turned in holding centres, and no niceties just a bed and food whilst you wait and in 7 days back you go, and not our problem if you burn your ID…if you do that return within 24 hours. Nobody can object to that….as those who have done it the right and legal way will be welcomed with open arms because we know they have been vetted……and want to be here to make our country better by working…not on the take, take, take. There is no room or patience for them.

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The smuggling route.
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Where are the women?? Children??

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