Another week goes by and nothing…..its totally shameful.

A video available on the Telegraph only shows a few details of the way these poor people are forced to live….

Nothing is being done and it states there is international outrage but really can we say we have seen any? It seems that the modern day slaves who really are captive to slavery in China are being forgotten and for nothing more than being Muslims.

Some of the major retails groups in the West are making full use of the slave labour and I have written about this and yet there is still no statement from them, and still no written confirmation that they will stop using it. What is wrong with these people? Is it more important to have your many millions in the bank and turn a blind eye to the suffering of people who really have done nothing just for that new yacht, sports car or jewels for the wife?

We know they have done nothing wrong because they just want to live in peace and quiet, and the fact is that any unrest would be put down brutally by the Chinese secret police and that is why these poor people are in this awful situation….just for following their faith. Should they be so harshly treated for that?

Where are the protests and outrages? Oh we have had the outrage and protests demanding reparations for something that happened over 150 years ago, yet silence about people who are suffering now and I can bet you a pound to a dollar that some of those who are rioting for BLM wear items of clothing or use technology that is being made by slave labour. The irony however will be lost on them.

It seems no one wants to tackle the Chinese head on, but to allow them to commit these crimes against humanity shows how low we have sunk never mind them. Women are being forcibly aborted of their children, sterilised (both sexes), men, women and children being murdered and yet nothing is done. That in itself is a crime against humanity and if nothing is done then why have they set up Courts to try criminals in the Hague? Is it only certain criminals who go there?? Not ones who help large retail businesses in the West get richer??

I do have one ally and that is Sir Ian Duncan Smith and he writes regularly of their plight but it seems no one is interested in picking it up. It really is shameful that no other politician or prominent human rights activists has bothered to pick this up. In the meantime more and more people are being interned in a camp for nothing more than a religion.

People are really suffering as you can hear from the video below:

We need all Governments to actively ban those Western corporations who are making money off the misery of others from carrying on any retail business, and for those who are repeated offenders fine them millions personally and jail the Directors. That would make them stop from this disgusting practice because if there is no financial gain for China or them they would have to stop doing it.

It is not right in the 21st Century that we have large swathes of people interned and basically worked to death, have their rights to freedom, family and life taken away in the most brutal of manner and then do nothing. If BLM and all the others who are permanently offended can march for certain individuals but also for something that happened generations ago, then why can they not march for something that will do good?

I for one would back them in their march for the freedom of these poor people, but as usual and it is something I have come to find quite often….there will be a lot of talking and not much else. It seems that there is nothing but a lot of hot air and empty words wondering around the political corridors these days.

Shame on them all.

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