Am not saying its convenient but!!!

Seems old Captain Hindsight has managed to dodge the upcoming 4 day discussion on the Governments plan to tear up the WA and bring in a bill to put this country first….at last. It just happens to be the start of a 4 day discussion on the Governments plans TODAY and Starmer is missing…….

Key passages in the Internal Market Bill confirm that Boris Johnson wants to unpick parts of the WA to give ministers sweeping powers to decide when EU rules apply to trade between Northern Ireland and the UK mainland. The Internal Market Bill gives UK ministers powers to regulate trade in Northern Ireland, with “relevant international law” like the WA “not to be recognised”. It also gives ministers the power to make regulations to “disapply” an entire section in the WA on state aid rules, which govern how much money a government can give in subsidies to companies or industries. (huffington post)

Now call me a cynic and I hope whoever is unwell gets better but the timing is a wee bit odd. All that time the pandemic was on his children were going to school, his wife to work by the way she is a lawyer not a key worker ( and he was trumpeting it as loud as he could that they were keeping things normal) and him wondering about sitting on the fence with every comment, and now the very day the discussions start….HE IS MISSING, and will be so for the next 2 weeks.

This really smacks of a ploy as Starmer does not want to show the labour voters his true colours and that is he wants to thwart Brexit at every opportunity, however he is caught between a rock and a hard place because if he puts himself forward that remaining red wall that is so depleted gets depleted further and he cannot afford to do that and he knows it and we the voters know it.

I know some people will criticise me but the timing is just toooooo convenient.

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