I agree with the MP Ben Bradley.

Mad world we live in where saying that parents are responsible for feeding their children is now seen as wildly offensive and controversial… Dare I say that a long term degradation of personal responsibility is part of the problem here? You don't fix poverty with freebies!! https://t.co/uDdmyajzHi — Ben Bradley MP (@BBradley_Mans) September 6, 2020Continue reading “I agree with the MP Ben Bradley.”

Dad raised a good man…

This. This is every interracial family in America. Every friendship across color lines. Every employer who hired an employee who she respects even with opposite politics. Stop telling us how much our parents & brothers and co-workers hate us.It’s untrue:pic.twitter.com/qk7fCWetXN — Eric Weinstein (@EricRWeinstein) September 6, 2020 A great father is not the one whoContinue reading “Dad raised a good man…”

Why is this woman walking about??

https://mol.im/a/8706473 Natalie Bracht 45 was one of those scumbag ISIS Brides who went over to Syria following the devil himself…..she swore she was only an interpreter…yeah right!!!. Even the group CAGE who she said she worked for had never heard of her ….a liar and a terrorist. She was one of those that should neverContinue reading “Why is this woman walking about??”

This can only be a good thing….

ICYMI: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a video call with a senior UAE official and expressed his desire to make meetings between them more regular and in-person pic.twitter.com/6mP1l1twAY — Reuters (@Reuters) September 6, 2020 Official video calls between Israel and the UAE can only be a good thing, and bring a little bit moreContinue reading “This can only be a good thing….”

Any sympathy is disappearing……

https://mol.im/a/8704827 BLM is no longer a political protest who want people to understand the pain they say they go through everyday, but rather a terrorist group that thinks it’s great to pick on some old people who are dining. My god did your parents not teach you to respect your elders? How you treat elderlyContinue reading “Any sympathy is disappearing……”