Outrageous way to treat Veterans.

It seems the only ones willing to defend their country are Veterans yet again, and what do the media and looney lefties call them?? Far right. They weren’t far fright when defending their cowardly backsides from the enemy. These lefties were too busy hiding to even think of defending this country. As a Veteran IContinue reading “Outrageous way to treat Veterans.”

Interfering bored middle class cockwombles

“Extinction Rebellion is now blockading newspapers. It is attacking the free press. It is trying to prevent the publication of ideas it disapproves of. This middle-class death cult is a menace to democracy and liberty and everyone can now see that.” Brendan O’Neill on LBC: pic.twitter.com/sEfltLtDol — spiked (@spikedonline) September 5, 2020 It’s about timeContinue reading “Interfering bored middle class cockwombles”

What a surprise said no one….

When she is not race baiting, she is clapping extinction rebellion for blocking ambulances with very sick people in. Can you imagine if she found out that the unwell person was black?? My god she would have a field day with her faux racist outrage. This is the history of Dawn Butler Copied from MarkContinue reading “What a surprise said no one….”

Starmer has no problem with this…….

It seems that foul mouthed Labour MPs doesn’t bother Starmer, nor it seems his and get this SHADOW JUSTICE SECRETARY….that well known racist David Lammy threatening Nigel Farage with violence. We have had Sitting on the fence Starmer doing nothing about Corbyn still spouting anti semetism, Butler’s YouTube video about the police purely for raceContinue reading “Starmer has no problem with this…….”