The intolerance is always on the left…. Neil Coyle MP should be disciplined for the foul mouthed tweet he sent to Jacob Rees Mogg regarding the BBC’S disgraceful attempt to get rid of our beloved Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory. His language is unbecoming to any member of parliament and to use so many disgusting expletives to describeContinue reading “The intolerance is always on the left….”

This is nothing but anarchy. God help the decent people of the United States of America at having to put up with this. Come on Mr President where are the troops? To openly defend rioting, looting, murders, anarchy is not how people behave in society, and the good, decent, honest, law abiding citizens of the States must be soContinue reading “This is nothing but anarchy.”

Dame Vera Lynn…the forces Sweetheart…..

TURN IT UP: The words the BBC really don’t want you to hear, sung by Dame Vera Lynn.#DefundTheBBC — Defund The BBC (@DefundBBC) August 25, 2020 If you agree with the BBC at dropping our beloved anthems, then don’t watch as I would hate for snowflakes to have a meltdown watching this fabulous ladyContinue reading “Dame Vera Lynn…the forces Sweetheart…..”

Our reliable friend. .

The UK-Israel relationship is as strong as ever. I expressed 🇬🇧 enduring friendship to Foreign Minister @Gabi_Ashkenazi this morning. We discussed the significance of normalisation of 🇦🇪-🇮🇱 relations, and efforts towards greater peace in the Middle East — Dominic Raab (@DominicRaab) August 25, 2020 Maybe I am a little bias but having Israel asContinue reading “Our reliable friend. .”

Support Boris Day is everyday in my house.

He has delivered us what he promised. He promised us change. Strong leadership. A future. A better Britain. He promised us we’d leave the EU. He did it. We unshackle ourselves in just over 4 months time. Years and years of hard work, frustration and anger have allowed us to get to this point. WeContinue reading “Support Boris Day is everyday in my house.”

Someone spit out his dummy …

It’s Brexit Groundhog Day again, as Barnier admits “no progress whatsoever” has been made on fisheries “ & the level playing field “isn’t going away” Translation: he isn’t getting his own way, and the U.K. isn’t being bullied Let’s go WTO! — Martin Daubney (@MartinDaubney) August 21, 2020 Seems Mr Barnier is tantrumContinue reading “Someone spit out his dummy …”

Well done to these young people for defending British pride in our last night of the proms….

Well said @InayaFolarin. 👏🏾 There’s nothing wrong with Rule, Britannia. My view is that anyone who has a problem with it is only #British for the passport, and not at heart. The BBC want to scrap it because they stopped being British a long time — Ash Hirani (@Ash_Hirani) August 24, 2020