Prisons need to change by making it harder, sentences need to be longer and make criminals payback costs.

Like most people I am mortified that the killers of PC Andrew Harper not only got an unbelievably low sentence, but they have also had access to the legal aid which seems to be an endless supply of monies for lawyers defending the scum of the earth.

£465,000 is the cost so far and it won’t stop there. It must be the biggest insult to this brave lady, his widow Lissie who had to watch them with the biggest smirks on their faces when discussing the death of this brave young man, and then to be slapped in the face when the sentence came and then this. How much more must this poor young widow go through?

PC Harper¿s widow Lissie Harper, 29, (pictured) said she was ¿horrified¿ by the figures
Mrs Lissie Harper
PC Andrew Harper, who was dragged to his death behind a car in August last year
PC Andrew Harper

There is the talk of a book well any monies they make from that need to be paid back to the taxpayers as quite frankly I am fed up of every maggot that comes crawling out of the woodwork gets the best legal aid, when the rest of us i.e. you and me would have to pay for it. The thought of breaking the law would make me feel physically sick and that is the difference between us and those who access the the legal aid, we respect and cherish our law enforcement and respect society’s need for law.

The family of these killers should be made to sell everything to cover their costs, after all they have obviously not brought them up correctly because if they had they would not have committed the offence. Oh I know you get some law abiding citizens who children go off the rails but these three were always going to turn out this way as they and their families have no respect for the law. It is outrageous as due to their lifestyle they have paid nothing in to the taxpayers coffers yet their grasping hands are one of the first ones to reach into it.

I know that everyone has the right to a defence but they should not be allowed to just have the bill wiped out as it does not stop there, we have to pay for these people for god knows how many years. You know 3 meals a day, a bed and no doubt a TV, medical and dental care and the bleeding hearts brigade falling over themselves to make them happy…..and the poor widow what is she left with??? Anger and memories of what might of been. She is only young and there will be no children with the man she loved and to have your world collapse at any age is heart breaking, but to lose him in these circumstance is devastating. The world is not the right way up when this brave young policeman did not survive and they did……seems the devil looks after his own.

PC Andrew Harper’s mother lashed out at two of her son’s teenage killers earlier this month for appealing their manslaughter convictions, calling it another ‘kick in the stomach’. Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, both 18, have lodged applications with the Court of Appeal to challenge their verdicts and 13-year prison sentence. Still reeling from the decision to clear Henry Long, Bowers and Cole of murder, Pc Harper’s mother Debbie Adlam described how today’s appeal application has compounded her grief. She said: ‘We’ve only just come through the first anniversary of Andrew’s death. It’s been the most painful year of my life and the trial was absolutely gruelling. ‘We clearly didn’t get the justice that we all felt that we deserved – but this application to appeal both conviction and sentence is a further kick in the stomach.’

They should not be allowed to just leave prison after having cost us millions as really what good are they to society? They should be made to work to pay for their costs and that is where we as a society are wrong. Make those who are found guilty of the most awful crimes work to repay the costs and to repay society, otherwise what are we teaching them? Oh its alright to disregard and murder a policeman and don’t worry…there there….the taxpayers will pick up any bill……Well it is about time we said NO.

If you are found guilty beyond reasonable doubt then the cost of whatever it has taken to get your scumbag backside behind bars need to be repaid, and if it means you are paying for the rest of your life then so be it…..after all PC Harpers wife has been left with a life sentence. A whole life sentence and it does not come crueller than that when the victim has the greater term of sentence and it must be a nightmare for her that has no end.

I cannot even begin to think of the pain she is going through, and the realisation that the bleeding heart do-gooders would be lining up to work with these wastes of space must be galling. What about PC Harper’s life? Did he not matter? Did the right to life and a family not matter? As it sure as hell mattered to me, as too for long now in this country the perpetrator has had more rights than the victim. It has to stop. After all what use are these people when they get out? They will continue to cost us long after they get out because the system has wrapped them up in cotton wool right from the git go.

The murderers did not show one ounce of remorse for what they did, and I am sorry but that is not justice and it is about time we brought back the death penalty for those who murder children and law enforcement. If you can do that to the most innocent of victims or those defending our rights to a safe life, then you have no respect for society and as a society we cannot continue as more and more are being released without having rehabilitated, and they will go right back to the thieving, house breaking, robbing and anything else that can get them a quick buck because to people like them it is far easier to steal what you have than work for it.

That is a case of I want what you want but am not prepared to work for it so I am going to steal it, and because of their actions an amazing young man was murdered. We cannot as a country afford to lose people like PC Harper as this country depends on brave people like him, and it is just not right and not fair that he is no longer here, yet they still are. It is not right and it is not fair. That is not justice.

Justice needs to start from day one and that includes not only jailing for life (as I know the bleeding hearts brigade would have a fit at the thought of the death penalty), but they should also be made to start paying back every penny of the taxpayers money because Mrs Harper is no doubt paying tax and it is disgusting that her money has been used to defend the same scum who murdered her husband. It is wrong on every level.

Until we have the correct way of dealing with these people then our jail is going to be just a holiday camp and it needs to stop. They need to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week until the financial cost is paid back, and as for as payback for the victim well only the death penalty will suffice in most cases.

If you disregard the law and cost the life of a police officer than you are neither use nor ornament to society and society does not need you, nor will it tolerate you and it is time for the cushy life in prison to be over.

If I had my way a prison would be run like the Black Dolphin in Russia. No talking, no sitting on your beds, working for a living, no TV…no play station, no gym nothing……and that is the good side of it……the rest is pure discipline and they learn, boy do they learn as no one wants to go back and maybe that is how we should be.

Come on Home Secretary make the jail term fit the crime or there cannot be any true justice, and Mrs Harper deserves this because it has cost her enough.

Thames Valley officer PC Harper, who had been married for just four weeks, was killed after he responded to reports of a quad bike theft in rural Berkshire in August last year
PC Harper and his wife were married for just 4 WEEKS before he was run over and killed.

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