Banksy needs to butt out….

It seems that the Artist known as Banksy has secretly been paying for a boat to bring migrants from North Africa to Europe.

Banksy has financed the boat, the Louise Michel, which rescued 89 migrants in distress trying to reach Europe from north Africa

The boat funded by this painter has brought over 100 people from North Africa to Europe and then what? Did Banksy or the do-gooders ever think of asking the people of Europe and no doubt here, as this is where they ;normally want to end up if it is ok for these people to tip up and we cover the costs? What do they do? Just let them go from country to country weighing up which one is the softest….well its us… Come on Home Secretary stop this and stop him.

It makes my blood boil that all he is doing is creating more of a problem than a solution. He should be made to pay the full costs of any people this boat picks up, and continue to pay until they are either self funding and paying taxes or shipped back. It is not enough that this boat picks these people up and we are left with the bill but they know what they are doing is wrong as they do it in such secrecy to ensure the boat is not stopped.

Surely if this was legal then they would have the correct permits to do this and the blessing of countries, but nope it is another far removed leftist do-gooder who thinks it is ok to use their money to interfere, and when they are picked up then what??? What happens to these immigrants apart from wanting all the benefits they can get their hands on? We don’t even know if they are genuine immigrants or whether they are terrorists that seem to be making their way into Europe, and have they been checked for any health issues? Nope…they just dump them on the unsuspecting people of whatever country this ship decides to land in.

Banksy should be prosecuted for this and the boat seized or sunk as it is creating issues. I am not saying that we cannot take GENUINE refugees from UN camps but these people are not genuine and just want an easy life on someone else’s coin. North Africa is not our problem and neither is it the EU’s and it is about time these do-gooders were charged with people trafficking as that is what they are doing. They are trafficking people from one country to another, and then just leaving them there becoming the responsibility of countries who are at their wits end with all these immigrants tipping up expecting to be given a new life. Has anybody actually asked these people who they think should pay for the life they want?

Stick to your over priced painting Banksy and stop adding to the problems because no doubt you live in your own ga ga land of owning land and as far away from these people as possible, unlike the working class who have had their lives, towns and way of life turned upside down, and who are finding their sense of community disappearing and the result is that those who would have normally help are now refusing to do so, because basically people are sick and tired of it. We have veterans and our own homeless to help and these people should not qualify for anything until we help our own regardless of their colour or religion. If they are British and need our help they should come first at all times as I read daily of veterans dying on the streets due to no accommodation, or young British families having to live in horrible run down B&Bs because immigrants jump over them on the housing list. It is wrong on every level and should be stopped now.

Also is it far really on Greece as the EU and people like Banksy and the rest of do-gooders have ruined the very place that has brought so much to the world and enabled us to leap forward in every sense of the word in the form of literature, art, buildings etc….Now modern Greece will just be remembered for being turned into a dump because of the decisions of Merkle and the interreference of wealthy fools.

The solution is when you land you are taken by the military to the airport and returned back, because if you cannot do it legally or through the help of the UN then why should breaking the law be so generously rewarded and you get to stay. It is wrong on every level.

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