Back to School….

Well my daughter has now decided that it is time for the children to go back to school and I am nervous but wholeheartedly back her in this.

Off to the shop today to buy more washable masks than you can poke a stick at, along with shoes, trainers, school bags etc and it was so cute having my grandson explain that he cannot possibly leave the shop without the Captain America bag… being nana I always oblige when it comes to spoiling the children and they were so good in the shop and didn’t need mum to help…me and grandad managed awesomely and no stress.

My daughter explained that she feels the children need to get back to their normal routine and that school is a part of that, but my god the list is endless of the things they need to do.

The children must wear the masks and I agree, however if they have PE that day they must come in their kits and stay in them….would it not be better to just not have PE? Rather than sweaty kids in a class?

The children must bring a throw away bag for their packed lunches, and that no bags are allowed and no school dinners will be served. Distance must be adhered to and uniforms must be boiled washed every night…..have done the mum thing and offered my washing machine as well if needed….and this does not include what she has to do for hubby’s work gear as he works in a school as a janitor.

Then the dreaded document about what would happen if the child got Covid 19 and thankfully someone who is a not a doomsday prepper wrote it and it involves the parent every inch of the way, but that still did not prevent people on the rumour mill writing their take on it. The best one for me was that if your child has it then the school will remove them to a testing centre and not inform the parent where they are….honestly who are these parents who write this? I did write that is commonly called kidnapping…… Thankfully my daughter saw it for what it was….a load of nonsense but some people would actually believe this.

It might be better and easier for the government to actually put out a general across the board statement of going back to school, and then the rumour mill will be put out of business….

Still there will be plenty of worry in our homes although it is comforting to know that healthy children do not seem susceptible to this awful virus, and having autism does not stop you being healthy but it is still a worrying time but it must be done or else we will have a generation of children who will miss out not only in education, but also in life as they will not achieve the heights that they could do.

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