BLM complaining we stopped listening….

It seems that the BLM activists are complaining that they are not being heard in the UK.

I would actually be more correct in saying you are being ignored as we are tired and bored of the outrage, and demands for the erasure of our history. To demand anything that is going to harm who we are is when the decent, law abiding folks in the United Kingdom switched off.

We don’t need latte sipping rioters telling us our history, we read it long before the left took over teaching unions and promptly brainwashed you to hate this country. We had teachers who brought history to life and the majority and a very large majority of the population are proud of our history and our sense of fair play, and yes of our Empire. We cringe at the inhuman acts we committed, but we learnt from it, that is why our military has a hearts and minds policy. We have 54 countries in our Commonwealth as they know we have changed, and they want to be part of a club that is culturally diverse but spiritually one.

We show the people we have learnt from our mistakes, and now we are different and that can only be achieved by knowing our history in all its glory and all its faults, but even with our faults we are on the side of right. Our glorious dead buried in foreign fields are our everyday reminder of the lengths the people of this country will go to protect the world from tyranny.

The fact that there would be no discussion but rioting and demands from a movement that started because of something happening 5000 miles was never going to result in you being happy ever after, because there was another tyranny in the 30s and early 40s that demanded the pulling down of statues, the burning of books and the destruction of history and beginning again at year one. If you look up your history books kiddies, it didn’t end well for them whatever.

You forgot the cardinal rule of asking us to help forge a new way forward, as we British do like our manners and yes like Sir Bernard Ingram I dislike the “woke” culture, will fly the Union flag at every opportunity and sing Rule Britannia, and Land of Hope and Glory at the top of my voice on each and every occasion, but if asked politely and it’s sound then I will help, and I would not be alone in this.

We stopped listening because we don’t just change through your demanding and tyranny, we are after all Great Britain and that is why it was never going to be good for those rioting, as we never succumb to tyranny.

You have never had it so good today as my father told me, and his father told him and to think you are so ungrateful for the hard work of others is disgusting. It is not white privilege that has resulted in us having the things we value today, but hard work and each generation working harder to pick their families up and thrive than the last one, and each generation is generally better off because of hard work….not whinging and demanding.

Yes we have a history ..some good some bad and we should learn through knowledge both sides of a nation, as a nation is not straight forward. It is complex, difficult to gauge, changing with the times and sometimes right, sometimes wrong because a nation can only exist because of its people, a nation is people and we stopped listening when you wanted to destroy our beloved nation and heritage.

Love your country, change it through knowledge not threats because if you resort to that, then you are not an answer to a problem but just a bigger problem, and you will end up getting nowhere except more disgruntled with life.

Instead of demanding change try something radical….earn it and our respect, because until you do the nation’s deafness will be all that greats you.

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