Someone spit out his dummy …

It’s Brexit Groundhog Day again, as Barnier admits “no progress whatsoever” has been made on fisheries “ & the level playing field “isn’t going away” Translation: he isn’t getting his own way, and the U.K. isn’t being bullied Let’s go WTO! — Martin Daubney (@MartinDaubney) August 21, 2020 Seems Mr Barnier is tantrumContinue reading “Someone spit out his dummy …”

Well done to these young people for defending British pride in our last night of the proms….

Well said @InayaFolarin. 👏🏾 There’s nothing wrong with Rule, Britannia. My view is that anyone who has a problem with it is only #British for the passport, and not at heart. The BBC want to scrap it because they stopped being British a long time — Ash Hirani (@Ash_Hirani) August 24, 2020