The words of the Pittsburgh Mayor…then he becomes….. a NIMBY

Reform doesn’t happen overnight, and we don’t have all the answers right now, but the work has begun and we will continue to work directly with our communities to create a city that’s livable for all. Black neighbors, residents, partners – we hear you. Your voice is important and necessary to rebuilding. We will haveContinue reading “The words of the Pittsburgh Mayor…then he becomes….. a NIMBY”

Happy 100th birthday to a hero….

WWII WAAF veteran celebrates 100th birthday. Mrs Phyllis Felton, served in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, working in Coastal Command, tracking U-boats during critical phases of the War. Phyllis was involved in part of the planning for D-Day and towards the end of the War was posted to the Far East. Happy birthday, and thankContinue reading “Happy 100th birthday to a hero….”

This poor child is the victim of people saying her life didn’t matter….

Czeslawa Kwoka, Poland, Catholic, 14 years old. Red triangle: political prisoners because she was born in Wólka Zlojecka. Killed in the Auschwitz extermination camp on February 18, 1943 with an injection of Phenol into the heart. Shortly before the execution, she was photographed by the prisoner Whilem Brasse. Brasse later testified that the girl wasContinue reading “This poor child is the victim of people saying her life didn’t matter….”

The stupidity of the BBC.

Having already hit a spectacular own goal with pursuing the over 75s for licence money, and putting aside £100 million to do so….(way to go BBC….go after those most fragile in life)….the now no longer fit for purpose BBC is going after our tradition in the Proms. I love the last night of the PromsContinue reading “The stupidity of the BBC.”

My thoughts exactly…

Had one person state that I should vote socialist labour as the benefit system will benefit my grandchildren, of which ONLY 2 have autism. I thought wow do people really believe that disabled people wait round for benefits all their lives, and are these people offering advice from their own perspective of life on theContinue reading “My thoughts exactly…”