What is it that Barnier doesn’t get??

It’s Brexit Groundhog Day again, as Barnier admits “no progress whatsoever” has been made on fisheries “ & the level playing field “isn’t going away” Translation: he isn’t getting his own way, and the U.K. isn’t being bullied Let’s go WTO! https://t.co/IJOx0mJ716 pic.twitter.com/3quF9lR7fg — Martin Daubney (@MartinDaubney) August 21, 2020 We are a sovereign nationContinue reading “What is it that Barnier doesn’t get??”

Snowflakes demanding trigger points on Shakespeare

Spiked Online editor Brendan O'Neill: "Cancel culture is out of control… some English Literature students have demanded 'trigger warnings' on Shakespeare plays… this is a war on old culture".@danwootton | @spikedonline pic.twitter.com/nR9EOHpR1d — Dennie Morris (@DennieMorris) August 20, 2020 I despair I really do. Why did we older people not realise that we would endContinue reading “Snowflakes demanding trigger points on Shakespeare”

More of the same in wanting something for nothing……

Yep they are still disturbing decent people in decent neighbourhoods by shouting their fascists mantra through a speaker phone. Apparently demanding a white persons home is the way young people who are faux offended by something or other today expect to get on the property ladder in the USA. Shame on their parents for notContinue reading “More of the same in wanting something for nothing……”

This Karen is not wrong ..

I am from Africa. I know what a refugee looks like and have written on this many times – they are mostly elderly men, women and children, often starving and ill. They are not fit young men, brandishing i-phones and wearing leather jackets. These men are economic migrants. — Karen Harradine (@KarenH777) August 21, 2020