Back the USA

Iran has now done what everyone else but stupid governments couldn’t see….violating the 2015 Nuclear agreement decided by Obama, and where the good boys and girls of all the European nations fell in line like a nodding dog…..because it wanted to please it’s idol. Did anyone seriously believe that Iran would use the nuclear agreementContinue reading “Back the USA”

Banned in my house…. This will upset my grandchildren but they are now banned from Roblox. It has hidden red light districts where every pervert and scumbag can simulate sex acts, send inappropriate images or contact the children….despite blocking their views as being under 16. I know the child control panel was in place as I set them,Continue reading “Banned in my house….”

Karma hits Ben and Jerry’s

I’m sure this is just a coincidence (but I’m still a “thank you but no chance”) — Tim Montgomerie 🇬🇧 (@montie) August 19, 2020 This cheered me up no end. Virtual signalling tax Dodgers Ben and Jerry’s junk food is not selling, and it is being reduced in price, and still no one wantsContinue reading “Karma hits Ben and Jerry’s”

When a comedian is just not funny….

Listening to Nish Kumar is akin to attending one of those work meetings where even the glass eye is put to sleep. I would sooner have my toenails pulled out than listen to this unfunny leftist comedian, whose voice grates. Nails across the chalkboard is sweeter than him … If anyone needs to put prosecutedContinue reading “When a comedian is just not funny….”

I agree….Boycott China in everything….

The Chinese Government's horrific treatment of #HongKongers & the #Uighur Muslims violates every human rights law in the book. UK Gov should lobby @iocmedia to boycott the #WinterOlympics & change the venue. China is dictatorial, aggressive & intolerant. #StandTogether #IPAC — Iain Duncan Smith MP (@MPIainDS) August 19, 2020