Not acceptable…

Mainstream media, what is happening in #Paris? — Oh boy what a shot (@ohboywhatashot) August 19, 2020 Paris at night time. The beautiful city of Paris is under attack from those people who were offered sanctuary, and look how they repay it.. For law abiding citizens it must make them feel sick that these brainContinue reading “Not acceptable…”

Time to send economic migrants back…

. @Kent_CC has announced it has reached the limit of being able to safely care for migrants after a huge surge of illegal immigration. The surge is being orchestrated by criminal gangs. The problems are only going to get worse unless we take strong action. — Leave.EU (@LeaveEUOfficial) August 18, 2020 This country should onlyContinue reading “Time to send economic migrants back…”

Terrorism against the state should carry a death sentence.

The left still ignore this, the ppl in this country are in constant danger with legal and illegal immigration. How. Many deaths of innocents will it take for people in Power to effect change, protect our future. Look around Europe fundamentalism is on the rise in German, France — Devil soldier (@PaulMIL87122911) August 19,Continue reading “Terrorism against the state should carry a death sentence.”

1.6% rise and still not fit for purpose.

A season ticket will rise by 1.6% from January adding an average £60 to £80 to the already overly expensive rail ticket. Examples of potential season ticket prices next year after a 1.6% rise include: Brighton to London: Increase of £80 to £5,060 Barrow-in-Furness to Preston: Increase of £69 to £4,353 Edinburgh to Glasgow: IncreaseContinue reading “1.6% rise and still not fit for purpose.”

This is bordering on crazy…. Who in their right minds would get into a car that is hands free? That would a heart attack waiting to happen. You would have to rely on every other road user recognising its hands free and acting accordingly and that is where it fails big time then. Do you really have such anContinue reading “This is bordering on crazy….”

Time to blame the underling….or as I call it…no honour in Government Ministers.

The Department of Education has had a permanent civil servants for the last 4 years and it has now been decided he is the sacrificial lamb in the wake of the u-turning on educational results. There has been the usual oh he is not leaving for now….excuse but he is the fall guy whatever languageContinue reading “Time to blame the underling….or as I call it…no honour in Government Ministers.”

Time to stop the jobs for friends and risking the lives of people.

I don’t care which Government I am referring to in the United Kingdom but this abuse of tax payers money on getting jobs for “friends” has to stop. The latest one is promoting Baroness Harding way above her ability level and running the Institute for Health Protection. I am not knocking the Baroness and haveContinue reading “Time to stop the jobs for friends and risking the lives of people.”