Disappointed at the faux outrage …

Well another day and lots of insults from the leftists as they take umbridge at my attacking the likes of Starmer, Butler and Corbyn yet again….(yawn). You would think I am the source of the pandemic for the unbelievable words they have called me ….yet my shoulders are still big and their words sooooo small….Continue reading “Disappointed at the faux outrage …”

You couldn’t make up the faux outrage

I've been contacted by Bilal & Charmagne who are devastated their results have been downgraded. After failing their mocks they hoped to get Ds & their teachers predicted As & Bs but they've now been given Cs. I am furious.Pupils must be given the grades they want!#examshambles — Keir Stammer (@KeirStammer) August 17, 2020 SoContinue reading “You couldn’t make up the faux outrage”