Another racist idiot…this one is white….. What on earth is going on in the world? Is the master plan to create a war then a new world order? We have White Supremercists, BLM, people with guns…..sweet Jesus when I grew up everyone just went about their own business, and this hatred was unheard off…. I feel so sorry for whatContinue reading “Another racist idiot…this one is white…..”

Starmer and The Nonce Finder General.

Seems Keir Starmer is going to nominate Tom Watson again for a Peerage. Despite knowing the lives this hideous man has ruined, despite getting the police to investigate innocent men for nothing more than a political show trial…..Starmer is still putting him forward again. The self appointed nonce finder general is responsible for wasting millionsContinue reading “Starmer and The Nonce Finder General.”

Instead of the dog…eat the fat useless one…. I detest those people who eat dogs….there is a special kind of hell waiting for them as we know that dogs are the most beautiful, faithful and loyal of animals….. Now it seems the useless fat boy who runs North Korea has decided that owning a dog is a Western decadence, and owners haveContinue reading “Instead of the dog…eat the fat useless one….”