Why bring guns to a protest??

I am not backing BLM nor am I backing the White Supremacist groups who are in uproar at the continued call for their history to be deleted, what I am in favour of is history itself, and no one should demand the erasure of history…but why are people bringing guns to a protest?

Stone Mountain Park is famed for its giant rock sculpture of Confederate Civil War figures Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis. The sculpture is America's largest Confederate memorial
Stone Mountain Park is famed for its giant rock sculpture of Confederate Civil War figures Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis. The sculpture is America’s largest Confederate memorial
A counter demonstrator holding a placard calling for the removal of the Confederate monument is seen facing off with a member of an opposing group

I know I felt a growing anger at the BLM wanting to get rid of our history and its statues and it really is hands off, but never would I think of going to a protest with a gun and that is where those wanting to keep the monuments lost my support. I would hope others would see that the passion and willingness of groups to come together shows that history is worth keeping as history is never black and white…….but threatening someone to force them to agree with them at the point of a gun… what does that bring? More hostility and that hostility will continue to grow.

If you go with a gun then you are expecting it to become violent and that means that people suffer, and sadly it is becoming the police now and that is wrong on every level. No police officer should suffer for others stupidity.

Why can’t signs be put up so that people can read the good and bad side of the Southern states and its leaders? I am always fascinated by the good and bad side of an individual throughout history, wondering what it is that makes them different as we are all capable of good and bad sides as people are complicated, and yes there are some people offended but their offence should not be allowed to ride roughshod over the rights of others…..but for god sake a gun??? They are all guilty of rushing for their weapons.

Tensions between the two rival groups reached a boiling point in Stone Mountain on Saturday as brawls broke out among members of opposing sides

I find the whole race hate going on really depressing, especially as there are people who are really suffering in the world and nobody seems to want to help them. Can you imagine the good that BLM would do if they turned their attention to those who are slaves today?? Those who are really suffering today and whose voices are silenced.

They could help totally in educational programmes to teach the young people about the past, but to demand the removal of history would have the effect of some people going from zero to reaching for the gun in milliseconds.

To me is shows that both sides have no tolerance and nobody will win this race war, because that is what it is becoming. I refuse to acknowledge I have any white privilege as I know I didn’t, despite what the virtual signalling brigade think but I am also aghast that any person can bring a gun to a protest, and it seems the majority in this instance are white….and its wrong…they are wrong.

All I think about is the poor police having to deal with such awful people and that is on both sides…..they are too highly strung, too easily offended and the result is that people who want both sides to get on will be the ones injured.

I guess that is the American gun culture. There has already been a marked increase in murders because of all the rioting and the stupid virtual signalling of councils in America who are defunding, or seriously reducing the funding to police officers. This will result in more people buying guns and defending their own terrority and more and more will get killed and all because none of them are grown up enough to come together and work out a programme to go forward, a programme where all sides have agreed the history of the USA whether ugly or not….its their history and should be shared with everyone as without the past you cannot have a future, as we will be guilty of committing the same things again.

Maybe the police should withdraw and leave them too it, as the loss of one police officer protecting any of the ugly mob and that is both sides….is just not worth it.

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