Chinese Uighur Muslims – another week and the shouts have gone silent…..

I am not apologising for bringing up the Uighur nor the Rohingya people as they are both being left to the horror of countries and government who have turned against them, and are in danger of genocide which is slowly but surely happening.

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Uyghur Muslims being rounded up by the Chinese Government.

Their supposed crime under the totalitarianism of the Chinese Government is that they are Muslims. I wish we could take the high road and say it is purely the wickedness of the Chinese state but it isn’t Western firms are using the slave labour to produce their items.

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Xinjiang province where the use of slave labour is acknowledged.

This is inexcusable and why aren’t Western Governments charging the firms for being complacent in this? The names of the companies I have already listed, and yet nothing has been done. It seems that a Muslim life in China is not worth the intervention by CEOs whose profit relies on their slave labour.

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I read the press release put out by Nus Ghani MP, and I have copied it below:

Twelve UN human rights experts published an extensive critique of China’s misuse of terrorism legislation, highlighting multiple serious human rights violations, while 50 UN special rapporteurs denounced the dictatorship’s collective repression and human rights abuses. And the US State Department has also documented the Chinese Communist party’s widespread human rights abuses against the Uighur people.

Xinjiang’s government has itself officially recognised the use of camps too, initially boasting about them as something to be proud of. And Xinjiang’s Communist party leader, Chen Quanguo, has repeatedly called on officials to “round up everyone who should be rounded up,” according to a New York Times report. Within the camps, almost two million people are being held. And all too often their plight is overlooked by the West. Detainees who have since fled China have described how they were forced to pledge their loyalty to the Chinese Communist party, renounce their religion, and were subject to torture and sleep deprivation during interrogations.

Women have shared stories of sexual abuse, with some reporting that they were forced to undergo abortions, have contraceptive devices implanted, or be fully sterilised. Indeed, population growth rates in the Uighur heartland plummeted by 84 per cent between 2015 and 2018. And at least half a million of the remaining Uighur children have been separated from their families and are being raised by the regime at state-run orphanages. The truth is that China’s suppression of human rights in Xinjiang meets the United Nations definition of genocide, and it amounts to the largest incarceration of an ethno-religious minority since the Holocaust. And since China thinks it is a law unto itself – insisting that UN officials could only visit if they stay out of the country’s internal affairs – it is time for the UK to take the lead and show the full force of our Magnitsky sanctions.

The United States, based on the existing evidence, has already intervened. In October 2019, the US imposed visa restrictions on Chinese officials believed to be responsible for or complicit in the detention of Muslims, and last month the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act was signed into law, mandating that individuals – including Chen Quanguo – face sanctions for their crimes. The United Kingdom is a beacon of freedom and hope for so many, and as a free and democratic nation, we cannot pick and choose when we protect human rights. We must always hunt down those who have no respect for human dignity.

We also have to look closer to home too. For example, I recently challenged the Secretary of State for Business on the transparency of British business supply chains and how many of our products can be traced back to forced labour at these camps. And while we are currently having conversations across the West about our history and the slave trade, here we have cases of slavery and genocide in 2020 that can be exposed and brought to an end. We have already seen China’s contempt for international law in recent months with its actions in Hong Kong, but its crimes in Xinjiang are on a different scale entirely. Demographic genocide, mass internment in concentration camps, family separations, forced labour, and forced renunciations of faith – this is a moment when Global Britain can, and must, exert its strength.

It is very commendable that this MP has written such a moving post, but it cannot just be a post and nothing followed up. The UN are very good at writing strongly worded letters (Whatever that means), but todate they have done nothing and whilst Western firms are complacent for the need of slave labour, it will not go away. Surely there is a way that countries can actually charge these companies with using slave labour, or the CEOs directly as that is the only way they are going to stop this disgraceful practice.

What is so different about the Uighurs than me? Well other than the obvious they speak a different language nothing else!! I am a firm believer that people should be allowed to have the freedom of choice, love and religion and it does not make them any different to me…….and I find it repulsive and evil that people are rounded up for their religion. Have we not seen this before in the 30s and 40s. Have we really moved on so little since then?

It is time the British government stood up to this evil regime and demanded the release of those interned. It should be a collection of the free world democracies who stand up to the creeping evil that is going to terrorise the world if given half the chance, but sadly because the very people who are the beneficiaries of slave labour are the same people mixing in the world of governments and whilst they have access to the people in power, it will never change and that is shameful. Shameful on us for purchasing their goods, and shameful of the government to allow the slave masters (as that is what they are) to have access to them for doing nothing more than signing over a large cheque. Before I get the incoming, ALL political parties are guilty of this and we should demand a change.

We should demand that all CEOs and Directors of companies who use slave labour and who access the government, should be denied this privilege as we know humans being humans that the wave of that cheque with a number followed by 6 figures, will happily buy any government and minister. Is that really the way the Western democracy should behave as it makes us nothing better than the tin pot dictators, as we are ignoring the plight of a people who so desperately need our help. Surely by helping them we can do more to solve religious issues and will make the world a bit nicer, but money talks and power corrupts and sadly those with power are very easily corrupted….

In the meantime those who suffer the most have very few voices shouting at the world their plight…and it must change….it must.

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