Starmer and his fence sitting….

It is being suggested that Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour party could kick out the infamous anti semite terrorist loving Jeremy Corbyn.

He is going to decide when he has had chance to read the commissioned report into anti semetism in Labour under Corbyn. I have been sent this report and will be reading through it with a fine toothcomb…so if I go silent for a day or two…am busy….but I know now that Starmer will do nothing.

Corbyn stated that he was disappointed that Starmer chose to act politically by paying the whistle blowers who had first brought the media attention to the vile things going on in the Labour party, because Corbyn and Formby had done nothing and were putting the concerns almost in the file of “I don’t care”. He really cannot help himself because the same week he attended a zoom call where the agitators stated more vile anti semetism and yet Starmer still did nothing. My god he kicked Long Bailey out of the shadow cabinet for less.

Yet Corbyn hangs on…..strange that.

The Unite Union is not helping especially with the dinosaur running it. One Len McCluskey as he himself stated that any future funding would be looked at, and he was not happy that these people quite rightly sought damages due to the toxicity in the Labour party, and their failure to do anything regarding the anti semetism. How much do you want to bet that the committed socialist McCluskey harpers for a peerage?

Corbyn had in effect buried all issues of anti semetism as he really didn’t care …. oh he spouts the usual I have been fighting racism all my life….what a crock. He has spent his life inviting the scum of the world to have pictures taken with him, we only have to look at the IRA being invited to tea after they had bombed the Thatcher Government.

He found homes and jobs for IRA terrorists and seem to delight in hating Great Britain and its soldiers at every turn, and that is why he was not fit and never will be to walk through the door at No 10. Decent people knew what he was and it was offensive to common decency to even think he had a chance.

I know now that the report will ultimately blame Corbyn and his gangster mob, and I also know that Starmer will do nothing about it. He daren’t as he knows that Corbyn and the mob of momentum will split from the party and form a new one….and away he will walk with 50 MPs plus and Starmer knows that. That is why he has not withdrawn the whip at all.

He is too scared to think about what will happen and for this he will always be a weak leader. He flip flops through everything…one minute he takes the knee….then oh no he didn’t….then oh yes he did. His whole political life seems to play out like a pantomime.

Corbyn will still be in the Labour party and he will still be causing trouble for Starmer and he won’t care one jot. It is not just Corbyn but also McDonnell, Abbott, Richard Burgon, Rebecca Long Bailey. Emily Thornberry and all the others who served in a shadow cabinet knowing full well that the path Corbyn was taking was anti-semetic and was and is a hate crime….Oops what will Starmer do? He was part of that too….He kept so very quiet almost doing nothing so how can he blame Corbyn when he had one of the top shadow jobs??? What a quandary and how does he explain it as you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be brought up.

Do I expect to find any blame attached to Starmer in the report….not one jot as in a sense it will be a whitewash to make sure he does not get the blame and do you think Corbyn will let that rest???

That is where we come back to the notion of kicking him out of the Labour party. If Starmer does he will lose a minimum of a quarter of his MPs and make him even less of a threat to the Government as he is now, and if not then he will be weak.

Lets see what the report brings but I doubt Starmer will resolve it as it will be his usual double gobbedly gook where he says things, but actually does nothing and he thinks that will suffice.

Well, this will be the first test of his leadership and I am already waiting for the failure and his explanation…………..

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