Chechnya and the Gay Purge

Just watched a fascinating but horrific documentary on the BBC iPlayer about how Chechnya is trying to purge their country of gay people, whether through forcing them out or killing them……but there is definitely a violent crackdown being thrust upon gay people, and being gay, a lesbian or transgender can get you killed as they are being earmarked for extermination…..dear god what a horrid world.

What the hell………

Gay people are not a threat and everyone has a right to love the person they want to. We are all on a dangerous journey. The dangerous journey of finding love because it is a curious, exciting, heart breaking, emotional time and yes dangerous because it can make or break us. Most find the one and I can count myself lucky in that and others have to not only find the one but also fight the gauntlet of backward thinking people who think that gay people are somehow perverts.

This is wrong and everyone has the right to love openly and with the person they want, and to be told you are a disgrace either by your close minded family or bigoted government as we see in Chechyna is wrong.

This is an offence against the fundamental rights of a person. To love and be loved. Sadly, that is not so in Chechyna where gay people are brutalised by the police and the government and where their lives are in danger.

This is a violation of the most basic of human rights and why has the UN not brought Chechnya to task for it. People are getting killed because they are gay, and I struggle to understand why it is a crime? Can really just wanting to be yourself be such a dreadful thing to understand?

Religions play a role in this bigotry because every time we read a story of child abuse especially in the catholic church, they automatically blame gay people and say child abuse can be purged by banning gays….. or like Chechnya where they are predominately Muslim and we have seen time and time again the intolerance towards gay people and witnessed under ISIS gay men being thrown off roofs for nothing more than being true to themselves and their nature of wanting love.

Where is the outrage at the murder of such innocent people? If they are adults then what is the crime? I married a man because to me it was natural and for a gay man it is the most natural thing to love another man, or a gay woman to love another woman and it is not for me, or any other person to tell them differently, and basically it has got nothing to do with anyone else. It is bigoted, it is hatred and it is homophobic to do so otherwise.

I did not even know this was happening until I looked on the iPlayer and am even more shocked that there is no outrage from anyone. This is not right and it is offensive…killing a person because they don’t live up to a close minded bigoted society is wrong.

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    1. Thank you. That means a lot to me and every word I meant as all consenting adults should be left to love who they want too….it is a fundamental need in life to love and be loved and no one has that right to stop it.


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